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SBK, Maverick Vinales moves to Aprilia, but his dad remains in Yamaha

BEHIND THE SCENES - After Maverick’s farewell to Yamaha, his father’s team, that races in the SuperSport300, decided to find a new constructor, but something didn’t go according to plan, and they returned to Magny-Cours with the same bike as before

SBK: Maverick Vinales moves to Aprilia, but his dad remains in Yamaha

Maverick Vinales’ and Yamaha’s divorce triggered a real domino effect, involving also his father’s team that, as we all know, races in the SuperSport300 with the R3. After the race in Most, dad Angel’s team had made it known that their collaboration with Yamaha would not continue, and that they’d be looking for a new constructor to finish the season.

During this month, Maverick’s father has started looking for an alternative but, unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to find solutions. So, rather than staying home, he decided to get back on track with the Yamaha R3 he bought at the beginning of the season. So, Dean Berta Vinales, Maverick’s cousin, was on the  Magny-Cours track, along with his new teammate.

In fact, Spanish rider Yeray Saiz Marquez was there instead of Kevin Sabatucci. Apparently, the team didn’t want to continue with the Italian rider, who found a bike anyway from the Kawasaki of the GP Project.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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