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MotoGP, Doctor Costa unimpressed with treatment of Marquez's trauma

"A plate is not the best way to fix a fracture of that type. It damages the periosteum which increases the time it takes to form callus."

MotoGP: Doctor Costa unimpressed with treatment of Marquez's trauma


Marquez will now not return until the end of the season, so any chances of him winning this year’s world championship have definitely disappeared down the drain. The news was communicated by Honda who even referred to ‘two or three months’ as a possible recovery time. But what exactly happened after the 8-time world champion's attempt to return to racing even at the Andalusia GP, just a few days after the fracture of his right humerus during the Spanish GP?

It’s a big mystery. Because immediately after abandoning any idea of racing after completing a few test laps, Marquez published several images in which he was portrayed doing exercises of strength with his injured arm. Until the news of him breaking the plate by opening a window…

To answer our questions, we spoke to the legendary Dr. Costa…

"As I said when you asked me at the time, a plate is not the best way to fix a fracture of that type - recalls the Italian traumatologist - the best solution would have been to insert a pin. The plate is fine for an accountant who stays two months to home in absolute rest. I think they did not do it to safeguard Marc's shoulder, which had already been operated on, because that is the point where the insertion is made. The fact is that if you want to achieve a certain result you have to take some risks ... think about what we did with Mick Doohan. If they had put in a pin, Marc would have raced at Jerez and then he could have won at Brno. "

Why such a long recovery time now?

"Because intervening in that way damages the periosteum, which is a richly vascularized connective sheath that lines the bone tissue, which increases the time of callus formation."

But can other problems emerge?

"Osteomyelitis, which is inflammation and infection".

What would you have done?

"It's not a question that can be answered. Of course, I'm disappointed I wasn’t even called for a consultation."




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