SBK, Pirro: "I don't have fun with the Ducati V4, and I don't know why."

"It's a disaster, I can't ride with these suspensions. I can't tolerate falling twice in three laps. We need a  miracle."


Michele Pirro didn't expect a Friday like this one. The rider from San Giovanni Rotondo fell twice during free practice, finishing over eight tenths from the top. The disappointment is evident on his face, since this Ducati doesn't really seem to want to enhance his qualities.

"It was an incredible day," he began. "I can't understand what happened this morning and in the afternoon, to make up for those two falls. I know the bike and the track but, with these suspensions, I can't ride. I can't trust the front, and I can't even close a corner like I want to."

Are the suspensions or the track to blame?

"The track is the same for everyone, but if at every lap you get an extra second, then there's something wrong. Unfortunately, I lose the front, and I'm not able to be fast. The hardest thing to accept is that I can't even explain it to myself."

Michele, you still have a free practice session, then Superpole, and Race 1.

"Obviously it's not over, but I can't ride the Ducati right now, let alone have fun. There's still time to work and try to be more competitive for tomorrow. But today I wan't be able ride like I know how to. The engineers are working and waiting to understand what will emerge."

It's strange to see you eight tenths from the top, when you showed another kind of potential at Mugello.

"I fell only once this year, but today I fell twice in four laps. It's a disaster. As soon as I push on the accelerator more than I should, I fall. I'm demoralized because I can't even explain it to myself. I can accept falling if I push, but not this. It can't be that as soon as I make an effort, I'm on the ground."

Where are you starting from on Saturday. Do you have to revolutionize the bike?

"Unfortunately, I have no cards left to play, and I believe that, at this point, I need a miracle to find the confidence to be competitive. All we have to do is work to find alternative solutions, since the weekend is long."

Would you choose to race in Misano again?

"It's easy in life to have everything served on a silver platter, like many think. Sometimes you have to take risks, and I'm definitely going to continue to seek the right path and be competitive."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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