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SBK, Rea responds to Lavilla: "I'm not a circus animal"

The 4-time champion's reply: "If you want to laugh, go and watch a comedy show. I'm only here to win. This is World Superbike"

SBK: Rea responds to Lavilla:

Having made it four in a row, Jonathan Rea has decided to respond to on to Gregorio Lavilla, who, following the Kawasaki rider's umpteenth double win at Portimao, had identified his lack of charisma as one of the main reasons for the public's lack of interest in SBK.

These arrows came from the SBK boss just as Rea was nine points from securing his fourth consecutive title, but now that the Northern Irishman has completed the task in hand, he wants to be clear about his role in the Paddock. A role he fulfills impeccably, or rather always knowing how to go full throttle.

"I don't think I should be blamed for the current championship situation, it's not nice to feel that my personality is coming under attack. I've spoken to Gregorio, and I don't think the comments about his words are in line with what he meant."

The Kawasaki world champion thinks there's a different reason behind the situation in which SBK currently finds itself, the category struggling to find its own identity.

"It something is not working, they shouldn't blame the actors, but those organising the show. I focus only on doing my job in a professional way. I'm not a circus animal. If you want to laugh, go and watch a comedy show. This is the world superbike. I'm here to win, not to make friends or influence people. My job is to win".

Jonathan doesn't agree with Lavilla's criticisms, having a very different view of his interaction with the fans in the Paddock.

"I think I'm one of the most down to earth guys in the paddock. If being normal means being boring or without charisma, why not? I have a lot of great people around me who appreciate me. I have some great fans, many of them. We see Northern Irish fans at every track we race at. In any case, I'm not taking these comments too seriously, they don't have to do with what was said".

Translated by Heather Watson

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