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MotoGP, Zarco: my reference is Lorenzo in his Yamaha days

"I'll continue working with the 2016 M1 because it's easier, there's still a lot to learn with the 2017 bike and I'm lacking experience"

MotoGP: Zarco: my reference is Lorenzo in his Yamaha days

The curtain comes down on the Sepang test also for Johann Zarco. The French rider closed the final session in tenth place, behind Valentino Rossi. The Tech3 rider made the most of the tests, focusing on both the 2016 and 2017 M1 bikes and also carrying out a race simulation.   

“I can say I'm pleased with these three days. Firstly, I haven't crashed and have also built greater confidence with the bike. This morning I carried out a series of fast laps, also completing a 14-lap long run. I was able to be consistent, struggling a lot less than last year”.  

Johann gets straight to the point, analysing the 2017 M1.

“The positives are its consistency and tyre consumption . Unfortunately the new type doesn't offer the grip I want, and so we struggle to be fast right from the start and exploit the entire lap. So I preferred to work with last year's Yamaha, I might not have been quick but it was a useful way to gain additional information”.

Zarco has clear ideas as to what he'll be doing at the upcoming Thailand test.

“I'll continue with last year's bike because there is still a lot to learn about the 2017 M1 in order to be like Lorenzo was in his  Yamaha days. But I can do that with the 2016 bike".

The Frenchman then summarises Tuesday's work.

I decided to start with the 2016 bike, setting a time of 1’59”5. This morning conditions were good but not good enough, as there wasn't the grip we had in previous days. I'm still lacking experience and must continue to learn. I will continue to work in the next tests and the team will help me to be faster

As for the frame, Zarco still prefers the 2016 version.

Last year's is the best option because it's the simplest, while it's difficult to judge between last year's engine and this year's. There are some changes to make in order to be competitive”.

There is one aspect of the 2017 M1 that pleases the Frenchman though.

“The top speed is lower, but it offers greater stability and is agile. And when you open the throttle, the front doesn't close”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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