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MotoGP, Rossi: the VR46 Academy? It began for Simoncelli

VIDEO - The genesis of Valentino's nursery. Albi: "the young guys get what was only for Sic at one time"

MotoGP, Rossi: the VR46 Academy? It began for Simoncelli
Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube

The fifth and final episode of 'Valentino Rossi: the Doctor series' is a collection of clips created to illustrate the life of one of the most famous and beloved motorsport athletes of our day. A man who everyone sees, who we all enjoy, but perhaps we do not truly know. 'The Boss' has a dual meaning.

Not only has Rossi been the main MotoGP representative since 2000, but he also directs an expanding company, 'VR46', which has its headquarters near Tavullia and is the foundation for a company that also has many other interests.

We spoke with the people who work in this parallel existence Valentino has to find out how Rossi is creating heirs for a heritage and empire destined to last, even a long time after the chequered flag has been lowered.

"It began almost as a game, but today it is an incredible organisation - recounts Uccio Salucci, a fraternal friend of the champion from Tavullia - we try to convey to the guys what Vale has taught us in these 20 years of championships, hard work, commitment, passion. I hope that at least one will become, not like Valentino because that is impossible, but at least a quarter like him. That would be enough."

"Everything began from the friendship that was formed with these guys - adds Alberto Tebaldi, right-hand man to the rider from Pesaro - Vale asked us to transform all of this into something more professional. At first Vale had only opened up with Marco Simoncelli, who was like a brother. Then he decided to give it to these guys as well."

The 'guys' are obviously the members of the VR46 Academy. Not only the team Sky-VR46 trio, Fenati, Migno and Bulega, but also the rest of the group.

"Being part of the Academy is a great opportunity - admits Lorenzo Baldassari who, along with Luca Marini, races on team Forward in Moto2 - Vale is our teacher. Who better than him?"

"The Academy is a unique thing in the motorcycle world ", echoes Marini.

The rest are phrases of praise and belonging.
Morbidelli: "Working with him is very stimulating "; Bezzecchi: "Having my idol as a friend is a dream "; Antonelli: "We compete in an individual sport, but it is as if we were a team."

What more is there to say?     
All that’s left is to watch the video, with subtitles.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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