MotoGP, Michelin technician Covid-positive in Aragon

Asymtpomatic and in isolation along with a second staff member, who tested negative, even if he worked closely with the technician 


Michelin reported that one of its technicians received a positive PCR test on the eve of the Aragon Grand Prix.

Following several positive diagnoses for Covid inside the paddock earlier this week, all Michelin technicians took a second precautionary test, despite the fact that they were all negative on Tuesday for the test they were required to take in order to enter the paddock for this weekend's  GP.

Initially, the test of one staff member was inconclusive, so a second test was conducted and, unfortunately, he received a positive result. The technician is asymptomatic and will now isolate himself for ten days, according to the rules in force, before being tested again so that he may return to the paddock.

The person he was closest to on the staff was also asked to isolate himself for ten days due to protocols, even if his test was negative  Michelin fully complies with the rules that are applied, for everyone's well-being, and the two technicians will remain in isolation for the required period. The rest of the Michelin staff has been tested and all results have been negative, which means they'll be able to carry on with their work in today's Aragon Grand Prix.

All members of the Michelin team wish their teammate a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming the two back into the paddock. No further information on the situation will be communicated by Michelin, and all those involved request that the privacy of the those involved be respected.



Translated by Leila Myftija

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