MotoGP, Petrucci all fired up by family banner in the stands

"My mom brought it last night at 11.30pm, it's a historical banner, my photographer friend Alex Farinelli asked to bring it. My smile is to be taken with a pinch of salt: last week the weekend started well too"


Danilo Petrucci's season hasn’t been particularly positive until now, to say the least, but Dovizioso's improvement has also had an effect on his team-mate, whose mood improved today after seeing some support in the grandstands.

We also saw some cheering for you in the stands ...

“I didn't know anything about it, even last week I saw a lot of flags and I was very pleased. This morning it was a surprise, it was Alex Farinelli who put up a historic banner, my mom brought it last night at 11.30 pm”.

In today’s first practice sessions, there was truly something to smile about for Danilo Petrucci, 9th in the combined standings and best Ducati rider with Zarco, Bagnaia and Dovizioso right behind him.

“This smile is to be taken with a pinch of salt because last week the weekend started quite well, then we saw how it evolved. From the tests everything went better, I decided not to change much on the bike anymore, now I ride with a set-up similar to that of Pecco, who has shown that with this bike you can go fast. Now it's up to me to get used to it and keep riding it, today I made some steps forward ”.

Dovizioso told us he did a great job with the medium tyre. Did you do the same too?

“I also tried the medium tyre. Last week it went well while this afternoon I was not satisfied, I was faster with the hard used this morning. The tyres don't behave as they did a few days ago, I don't think we will see the same combinations on the grid again, we are all going faster and there is more rubber on the track, there will be differences”.

The tests on Tuesday were therefore important for Danilo. We'll see if this weekend he will be able to make a leap forward in performance and also in the standings to make up for last week's bad race.

“In the tests we found some solutions but I was not happy with my flying lap. The bike changes less from lap to lap, it is more consistent and I can work on my riding style because I know what will happen. I am much faster than last week and there are also some changes in tyre wear. Day after day I realized that the bike can’t be the same as that of last year in braking and in the reactions it has during the lap, it is much more sensitive and the reactions are really strong even when you brake a little harder ”.







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