MotoGP, Cadalora: "At Jerez the passing of the baton between Rossi and Quartararo"

VIDEO - "Valentino surprised once again, Vinales was missing. Marquez is not out of the fight for the title, for him it was a good thing for him not to have raced"

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Luca Cadalora needs no introduction, in his career he has won 3 world titles, he has raced in all categories and, in more recent times, he was coach of Valentino Rossi. He has been commenting on the Andalusian Grand Prix for GPOne, answering our questions and those of the readers.

Above you can see the full video of the live broadcast, below read a long excerpt.

"I expected a closer fight between Vinales and Quartararo - explains Cadalora - Maverick was missing, he made a mistake on the first lap trying to attack Fabio and then he didn't have the strength to overcome Rossi until the race was almost over".

Rossi said he had to work hard to convince Yamaha to make changes on his bike…

“It is something that often happens, if there are riders - as with Vinales and Quartararo, who go fast - they tend to make their set-ups become the norm. But they may not adapt to someone else's riding style, as is the case with Valentino ".

Why do you have to ask for permission to modify your motorbike?

"Sometimes you have to justify your changes that deviate from the basic set-up decided by the Yamaha engineers."

How much is this podium worth for Rossi?

“It is a great satisfaction, even if it is not a win. It's a strong signal, they have managed to adapt the bike to Vale's characteristics and he gave an important answer. He showed that if they go in his direction, he is there."

Did you expect it?

“After watching practice, yes, because I know for sure that Vale is still capable of doing a great race. He always surprises everyone, every time you start to think he’s finished, he pulls out all the stops and shows that he can still go fast. "

Can he get in amongst the battle for the title?

“At Jerez Quartararo was not attackable by anyone, but if Valentino and his team continue to work, they can still improve. I saw him in difficulty in the last 4 laps, the tyre grip had dropped a lot at the maximum lean angle, but it is something that can be resolved with some fine-tuning ".

At Jerez did Rossi hand over the baton to Quartararo?

"Yes, he did. Right now Vinales is suffering with the presence of Fabio, despite being in different teams, so I don't think he’s going to be in good shape next year. We should also add that we could witness an extraordinary thing: Quartararo could win the MotoGP world title in a satellite team, I don't know the last time it happened. "

The situation is similar in Ducati too…

"Bagnaia was doing an incredible race and he is also in a satellite team with a factory bike, it's the same situation as Fabio".

What would have happened with Marquez on the track?

“We would probably have seen a fight between him and Quartararo. Marc tried to do something extraordinary this weekend, he didn't want to leave any stone unturned, but I also believe that it was good for him not to race because you pay for certain exploits later. At Brno it would have been harder for him because he would have been without energy, he would have asked too much of his body ”.

What did it mean for Quartararo to repeat his win at Jerez?

“The champions stand out because of the fact that after winning the first race they become stronger and that's what happened to Fabio. In fact he dominated, he had no uncertainties, because he knew what he needed to win. It's an important sign. "

Which riders impressed you the most at Jerez?

“I expected Quartararo, the surprise was seeing Rossi return competitive. It was a nice surprise; it’s not taken for granted that you can get back on the podium at the age of 41. I was a little disappointed with Vinales, while I saw a very strong Bagnaia, he too is a big surprise. "

And Dovizioso?

"I expected him to be able to make up more positions, but it is also true that he started 14th and at Jerez it is really difficult to overtake, especially in the heat that was there. He should have qualified better. "

Do you think he has to worry about Bagnaia for his place in the factory team?

“Dovi is in a totally unchartered situation, in my opinion we will have to wait for the double race in Austria, there he will have his real chance. Also because that will be the most difficult moment for the Yamaha, at Brno they will be very fast, but the GPs at the Red Bull Ring will see them suffering a lot”.

Is Dovizioso suffering from not having signed the contract renewal yet?

“Certain situations never help; he has to face it as a motivation and demonstrate his value. For me Dovizioso is a strong rider, who knows how to develop a bike and is the only one who has beaten Marc Marquez in the last corner in recent times. "

Is Marquez out of the title championship battle, 50 points behind Quartararo?

"It is too early to think that they cannot be made up, anything can still happen."

We also saw a great race in Moto2…

“Bastianini dominated the race, Marini reconfirmed his potential after the victory of last week and Bezzecchi went well. Which one of these can go to MotoGP? Luca is already ready, because he is a very fast rider and uses his head. In addition, Enea has a great talent for me but I need confirmation from him, it will be a good fight this year with Marini ".



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