De Rosa: "I want SBK or I'll stay home in 2017"


Raffaele De Rosa was also at the Museum in Munich on Friday evening for the BMW Motorrad Season Finale. The rider from Campania received special recognition for his Stock1000 victory from the German manufacturer. Despite the triumph, however, his future is still up in the air.

A nice way to finish the season.

“Indeed, it was a great event, plus this is my first time at the Munich Museum. BMW loves involving the riders during the season. I remember the dinner a few months ago for Oktoberfest.”

You won the title. The cherry on top would be Superbike.

“Genesio is working on it, but it would seem that it is not so easy or a given, since the SBK programme has already been decided. We will see what happens in the coming days.”

Have you given yourself a time limit?

“I hope that Monday or Tuesday something will be decided that can then be announced.”

Besides BMW, could the other alternative be Pedercini?

“Exactly. They also had a positive season and the bike is competitive. Staying in the SBK arena would not be bad, plus Kawasaki has reached a very high level in recent years.”

It is not easy to be in this situation as the Stock winner.

I am facing this situation with indifference, ‘not caring less’ about certain aspects. In Qatar I showed that I can stay with the top ten in SBK. If the chance arises I will take full advantage, otherwise it won’t matter. I think I deserve a bike.”

Have you considered the opportunity to take a step back in a lower Championship?

“No, absolutely not. I’ll stay home without a problem.”

What can De Rosa bring to SBK?

“I would like to carve out a nice niche for myself in this category. In the past I have shown that I am fast and I also won Stock. I think I can also have a say in Superbike”.

Have you thought about the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing World Championship in recent months?

“I think about it, but you have to bring home results at any cost, finding a competitive team and it is not simple. Obviously, the goal is to get into Superbike to bring home a good result and not to have a ‘tourist’ season. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, because even Giugliano, Haslam and Guintoli were forced to go to other Championships. The problem is the number of bikes. 24 bikes are really too few.”

A new challenge with Mercado would be interesting.

Definitely, it would be great. Going from Ducati to Aprilia will give him great motivation.”

Are you thinking about Kawasaki?

“If the bike is competitive we can stay in front. Now it is the bikes that make the difference, consequently it is the rider who must adapt.”  


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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