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Marquez wants to resurge in Austin, with or without a double long lap penalty

Marc won uninterruptedly from 2013 to 2018 at the Circuit of the Americas, skipping 2020 due to a fall while he was in the lead, but repeating in 2021

Marquez wants to resurge in Austin, with or without a double long lap penalty


While waiting for the Court of Appeal's decision regarding the double long lap penalty imposed on Marquez in Portugal, in relation to the statements issued by the FIM, in Argentina and then in Austin, we should remember one thing.

The HRC did not appeals against the sanction itself, but because one thing had been communicated first and then the other. In short, a defect of form. And although the objective is to not have to pay the penalty, which may seem reprehensible, on the other hand, the appeal definitively and indisputably demonstrates a certain carelessness on behalf of the FIM when it comes to applying the rules.

From now on, the FIM (we hope) will have to resolve and age-old problem. Especially if the Repsol-Honda team emerges victorious from the dispute. But we’ll know this in a few days.

However, whichever way it ends, we hope to find a fit Marquez on one of the circuits where he was almost unbeatable. Marc triumphed on the Circuit of Americas in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021.

Marc has practically always won, except in 2019 when he fell at Turn 12, twelve laps from the finish, starting from a pole, leaving the victory to Rins while he was in the lead by a wide margin. Until then, he had won the last 12 races in the United States and, as if that wern’t enough, Honda had won the last 15 races in the USA.

But those were other times. Today, Honda is the tail end of the MotoGP, and Marquez has suffered an ordeal from which he hasn't yet fully recovered.

Everyone's really curious about what he can do, and whether he can do it, riding this Honda, in both cases: with a long lap penalty or without one. Of course, if he were to get a podium “with”, many will have to ask themselves about his resurrection, no blasphemy intended. And expect the same gesture!


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