Marquez like Lazarus: wants to battle it out just four days after his accident

Dr. Mir: "He didn't ask me while on the operating table but when we were still in Jerez without knowing how it would have gone. A superman? No, a guy who's trained and has a mad desire to heal."

And now we can call him Lazarus, not of Bethany, but of Cervera because, just four days after his accident, Marc Marquez wants to get back on the bull and race, or better, live.

We're not surprised by his behavior. Motorcycling news is full of these acts of heroism - or should we say: absolute madness? - but the mere fact that, after having thought about it, Marc took his desire and acted on it, gives him a place in the imaginary Olympus of the greatest.

And wanna know something? Returning was already in his intentions while he was in the circuit's medical center.

“While we were still in Jerez, he asked me if he could race again this week," Dr. Mir confessed. "He didn't ask me on the operating table, but in Jerez, not knowing if his nerve was in good or bad condition. At the time, I told him that I didn't think he would be able to but, well, since we're used to these recoveries, I think it's out of the question... ".

Thi bseing the case, it wasn't surprising that, after being discharged from the Dexeus clinic in Barcelona yesterday, and having removed his dressing and going home, Marc began having the crazy idea of returning to Jerez this week and getting on the track at any cost, to bring home as many points possible, in order to avoid a double zero in the first two races of the World Championship.

After all, rumor has it that Marc has already done 40 push-ups... Should we believe him?

A super heroic feat?  No. According to Mir Marquez, he's a normal guy.

"His bones are normal," he explained. "But they're the bones of a young professional, with a particularly active and powerful musculature, and with an impressive capacity for suffering through daily rehabilitation. It's a key point. These guys have a crazy desire to heal and compete again, which causes the body to react, to transmit more cells and more activity, which means they can cut recovery times in half."

More like cancel rather than cut in half. But. in war, doesn't a soldier hit and wounded by a bullet still continue to fight alongside his companions?

So why are we surprised?

Obviously, in these conditions, Marc Marquez wouldn't be able to win, but his superiority, which he already definitely demonstrated last Sunday, would still allow him to gain important points. A tenth place within his reach, maybe something even better. This will suffice if he'll want to race below his limits.

A gesture that shouldn't be seen as arrogance but, on the contrary, as respect for his colleagues. He wants to offer them the chance to have beaten him on the track at the end of the season... but not because of his injuries, which we recently wrote about.

What is it that drives him, what motivates him? We think t's what happened in 2011 when, following a fall in which he suffered a serious eye injury, Marc handed the Moto2 title to Stefan Bradl.

He must have thought that one gift is enough for his adversaries.

Of course, before seeing him on the track again, we should wait for the doctors to give him the okay because some might think it's not only dangerous for him, but also for the others.

Let them talk: this is motorcycling.... and he's Sparta ***.


*** Or we could say: Marquez


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