Marc Marquez, after the high-side: a show of strength

Pulling down his visor to hide his suffering face after crashing at Turn 7 tells his rivals a thousand words more than the magic he performs on the track

He struggled to lift his left arm as he was escorted out through the ride-off area, while he lowered his helmet visor.

An apparently useless gesture, which hid Marc Marquez's immense strength. Even after a dangerous high-side that left him on his knees in the gravel to suffer a full audit of his destiny, he wanted to hide from his rivals.

What was he hiding?

Probably a grimace of pain, or just a blank and lost look. But that's not important.

The gesture counts for something, since it transformed a moment of weakness into a show of strength.

Almost as if he were telling his rivals: "don't think this will soften me. I'm different. Built of something that's alien to you. That's why I'm unbeatable."
Things like this make you think.

What strength hides behind that eternal smile of the two-wheeled Joker?
We ask ourselves.

But, above all, his rivals will be asking the same now.
And more than the pain that Marquez will surely experience this evening in his bed, it's that gesture that will make him lose sleep.

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