The strange case of Petrucci, Quartararo, and Lorenzo

Danilo, Fabio, and Jorge are three riders in search of a maker. They're confronting themselves with team leaders that are different from themselves: Dovizioso, Rossi, and Marquez. They're looking for confirmation in Barcelona, each following their own path to success.

Each Grand Prix is a story in itself for which each rider prepares himself based on his experience.
The goal is always to do one's best, but that's why a Grand Prix is sometimes the continuation of the previous one.

Barcelona is no exception: it's right after Mugello, which provided lots of food for thought. And here's some.

Petrucci, after he apologized to Dovizioso, now has to repeat himself

Petrux's first victory, which he reached by beating the team leader, will remain in the memory of those present along with the rider from Terni's tears of joy, but also because of how he repeatedly asked his friend's forgiveness. Never have we, in so many years, listened to a rider speak that way. We don't doubt that Danilo was sincere. All we can say is that it wasn't necessary. He, like everyone else, is on the track to win, and Marquez did well in emphasizing that he's convinced that if the opportunity arises again, Petrucci would repeat himself.

Quartararo gives the Japanese a headache

The Mugello GP was probably the worst race for Valentino Rossi in years. Besides his fall, he was never  among the best. And his requests to Yamaha for a new bike, and those of Vinales, have become a litany.
Vale only lived through something like this when he was with Ducati where, like the great professional he is, he avoided showing his frustration.
However, there's a big difference compared to those years. At that time, the Ducati rider from Pesaro was almost always the fastest on the track. Instead, with the M1 today, the young rider, Quartararo, is astonishing, and he has no complaints about his Yamaha.
"My M1 is fine. The Japanese engineers listen to me, but they don't respond much."
We can imagine what happens during the technical meetings in Japan, after the Grand Prix, when Fabio's data are compared to Vale's and Maverick's. Stuff that'll give you a headache.

Lorenzo, when modesty rhymes with a "huge ego"

Lorenzo is the hardest head of all in the paddock, in the most positive sense of the term. Any athlete would be destroyed by negative periods such as those that Jorge went through, first in Ducati and now in Honda. But as Marquez confirms, "Lorenzo is the rider with the biggest ego I know".
Careful. This could seem like criticism but, instead, it was said it with admiration. Marc only wanted to say that the rider from Mallorca looks ahead without caring about what happens around him. And his recent trip to Japan confirms this. Maybe this kind of annoys the world champion. He knows that Honda will do anything to help him. Then Jorge will become another bad client.

Danilo Petrucci, Fabio Quartararo, Jorge Lorenzo. We believe these three riders are the ones to follow during the Grand Prix in Catalunya. On Monday, we'll know what answers the Barcelona circuit has given them.


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