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MotoGP, "If Ducati left Aldeguer stranded, it would have to give him more than 300,000 euros."

Hector Faubel, Fermin's manager, reveals details of his contract with Borgo Panigale: "we signed for 2 years with an option for 2 more. In 2025 he could ride a GP24 or a GP25."


Ducati has put its factory team in place, with the signing of Marc Marquez alongside Bagnaia, but there are many other pieces of the puzzle still to be sorted, and they are those involving the satellite teams. The focus is on finding out what Pramac will do, with Paolo Campinoti having an option in his favor that expires at the end of July to renew his contract with Borgo Panigale for another two years.

That choice is of great importance for so many reasons, one of which is the future of Aldeguer, who signed a two-year contract with the Rossa for the next two years, as officially announced in mid-March. Mauro Grassili, Ducati's sporting director, had explained to GPOne in April that Fermin "as per the contract, will go to the Factory Supported team," that is, the one that will have the official bikes.

Hector Faubel, the Spanish rider's manager, told Mundo Deportivo, "We signed a 2+2 contract. We have two safe years and two more conditional on results. However, we still don't know in which team he will ride, however Ducati has told us to stay calm. They have bet on him."

As for which bike he will ride, however, there is still no certainty. "The first year he could have a GP24 or a GP25, Ducati will decide that. In the second year, however, he will definitely have a GP26," the manager said. Also because, in all likelihood, development will be frozen for 2026 (so that manufacturers can focus on the new 850 cc bikes for 2027) and therefore there will not be a substantial difference between the 2025 and 2026 models.

There are also those who have aired the possibility that, should Pramac abandon Ducati, Fermin would have to postpone his MotoGP debut. Breaking the contract would be very costly for Borgo Panigale in case there is no room for Aldeguer next year."It has been said that if Ducati told him he would not have a bike, they would have to give him 300,000 euros. It's a lie. I cannot say the figure, but it is much higher," was Faubel's latest clarification.


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