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SBK, Donington - WDW: Alvaro Bautista's future in two weeks!

THE DEAL - Aruba is ready to put a two-year contract on the table for the Spanish rider, with a 2026 expiration. Alvaro is stalling, and the next two rounds will be crucial for his future on the track, but Toprak is clearly favored.

SBK: Donington - WDW: Alvaro Bautista's future in two weeks!

What will Alvaro Bautista do next year: retire or continue? This is what everyone is wondering before the Donington round, which is scheduled in three weeks. The Spanish rider's future is holding the Superbike paddock in check, considering that the vacant spot in Ducati is certainly the most coveted.

The two-time world champion is in no hurry to decide, and he's taking his time: "No one told me to decide what to do, much less have a deadline," he said last weekend in Misano.

After last week's knockout on the Riviera, it's really a bitter moment, but Bautista is still always clear headed and transparent. In fact, his priority is to regain confidence on the Ducati V4 with the goal of having fun again. Once these pieces fit together, he'll then reach a decision.

At this point, the idea that the rider will decide his future in the second half of July is becoming even more concrete: from the week that's going to take us from Donington to the World Ducati Week, with the Most round in between. The English and Czech stages will, therefore, be the test of truth for the Spanish rider, with the hope of regaining that feeling that he's been lacking on the Panigale V4.

More than thinking about challenging Toprak, Alvaro will, first of all, work on himself, considering that Donington and Most represent two tracks that are favorable, on paper, to the Turkish rider. For Bautista, it's a bit like going into the wolf's den with the BMW rider  intent on getting a full haul.

At the same time, Aruba wants is to continue with its rider, to the extent that they're ready to put a two-year contract on the table until 2026. Stefano Cecconi will then make his move, most likely offering a two-year contract, to convince the rider to stay. On the technical side, however, the sore point is that the Panigale V4 will remain the same as this season.

Despite a few updates coming for 2025, the Ducati won't be undergoing any changes while waiting for the new Panigale, which will most likely arrive in 2026.

So, it's now time to lay the cards on the table, and way for Bautista's final decision ...


Translated by Leila Myftija

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