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SBK, BMW responds to Sofuoglu's declarations, "We do not participate in speculation"

The Munich-based company issued a note following Kenan's latest words regarding Toprak's future in MotoGP: "We are happy with Toprak and have a contract for next season."

SBK: BMW responds to Sofuoglu's declarations,

If it's not an earthquake, it's not far off. The fact remains that Kenan Sofuoglu's declarations to Speedweek certainly did not go unnoticed by BMW. As we know, the Turkish rider's manager has stated that Toprak wants to go racing in MotoGP in 2025, and as a result he has already informed BMW about it.

Whether this will happen or not is yet to be verified. One thing is certain, however: the Munich-based manufacturer has intervened in the matter, issuing a note regarding Kenan's recent declarations: "We are happy with Toprak's current successes in WorldSBK," it reads, "we have an existing contract for this and next season and will not participate in further speculation.

A few words that seem to want to close the doors to an eventual arrival of Toprak in MotoGP and at the same time are obviously addressed to Sofuoglu, whose declarations about the future of his own client certainly did not please the top management of the Munich-based company.

We will now see what will be the evolution of the situation.


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