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SBK, Dall'Igna: "Our first choice is Bautista, Iannone has to improve a little "

Gigi speaks: "We would like to continue with Alvaro next year. Andrea is back after 4 years, at times he has shown his potential and I want to be confident."

SBK: Dall'Igna:

Also among those present in the Aruba box in Misano was Gigi Dall'Igna. As a matter of fact, the Ducati Corse director closely followed the Borgo Panigale bearers in a weekend where the spotlight of the scene was all taken by Toprak and BMW.

In addition to the track, Gigi Dall'Igna took stock of the situation with regard to the market situation: "We are renewing the contract with Aruba and we have almost closed the deal with them - he told the Dorna channel - later we will also have to finalize the contracts with the riders."

Speaking of riders, the future of Bautista is keeping the spotlight: "Alvaro has won two titles with us, so he is an important rider for us and we would like to continue with him." At the same time there is also Iannone, intent on securing the Red saddle: "Andrea has been without racing for four long years. He came back a few months ago and it's not easy. Sometimes he showed his potential, but he has to improve a little.

On the engineer's part, however, there is optimism about The Maniac: "I am confident because I know him and his talent. He can do very well. Our first choice will definitely be Alvaro."

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