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SBK, Awesome Toprak: 10 seconds better than with Yamaha and even than Bautista a year ago!

ANALYSIS - The M 1000 RR is enhancing the qualities of the Turk, who showed far more potential in Misano than last year. In Race he was even 1 second faster and not only

SBK: Awesome Toprak: 10 seconds better than with Yamaha and even than Bautista a year ago!

More than Rider's Land, since Sunday you could even call the Misano World Circuit Toprak's Land. A memorable performance that of the Turk in Misano, the outright star of the weekend who picked up an amazing trio of victories in Race1, Race2 and Superpole Race.

Apparently BMW has given him what he needed and the world championship runner-up is making all the difference, especially if we consider his other brand mates, who always seem to be playing secondary roles.

For more information, go and have a look at his Race2 performance on Sunday in comparison with that of a year ago. The track conditions were virtually the same, namely 46 degrees in 2023 versus 45 degrees on the recent weekend.

Having said that, in 2023 Bautista completed the race in 33'06"059 while Toprak in 33'06"338, or just over three tenths slower. However, we should not forget that in the straights the Turk practically called it a day, finishing in a standstill to show off his famous trademark, namely the stoppie. Without that, most likely, a couple of seconds would have been easily gained.

Irrespective of the comparison with Bautista, what is peculiar is the relationship between Toprak's Race 2 with Yamaha a year ago and today with BMW. With the R1, Razgatlioglu never once went below the 1'34" mark while this year he managed it in almost 10 laps, or half the number of laps run.

Not only that: also interesting of note is his record lap in the race, which was 1'33"307 compared to 1'34"334 a year ago, or 1 second better, which allowed him to conclude Sunday's race with a faster performance of about 8 seconds.

The numbers do not lie and confirm what is the improvement of Toprak and BMW, ready to take the scepter away from Bautista and Ducati.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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