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SBK, Plot twist: Bonovo abandons BMW and says goodbye to Superbike!

In the aftermath of the Misano weekend, Roder's team announced its farewell to BMW and the production-based racing paddock. BMW will now have to look for a new satellite team

SBK: Plot twist: Bonovo abandons BMW and says goodbye to Superbike!

In addition to Van der Mark's confirmation with Toprak there was another not insignificant piece of news to report in the aftermath of the Misano weekend: in fact, Bonovo has decided to abandon BMW and retires from the Superbike paddock.

Explaining the decision was owner Jürgen Röder: "I will be leaving for personal reasons from 2025 and Bonovo action is therefore withdrawing as a factory team from BMW. I would like to personally thank all the fans who have stuck with us so loyally, who have been happy with us but also suffered with us. Thank you very much, because without the enthusiasm of the spectators and fans such a commitment would not be possible. You are carried by the euphoria and enthusiasm, and I have enjoyed that in recent years, whether in IDM or World Championship. It was a nice feeling to delight other people with our riders and to provide entertainment and happy hours."

Röder added: "Then I would like to thank our entire team headed by team manager Michael Galinski, who have always done an excellent job. We hope that we can make a difference this year too. We are doing everything we can to move forward, and we hope that we can still show some strong signs of life from our side this season."

There was also no shortage of mention towards BMW: "My thanks also go to BMW. BMW has always been a fair and very reliable partner who has supported us in everything, including this year, when we are receiving the same material as our colleagues at SMR, so we are actually equipped accordingly. I would like to thank our sponsors for their loyalty and strong support over the last few years. I wish all the teams in the entire WorldSBK paddock all the best for the future, always an accident-free ride, that is the most important thing of all, and of course much success for everyone."

Bonovo's farewell represents a sore point for the entire team, considering that some members will have to find a new place within the paddock. As for the riders, however, both Redding and Gerloff have contracts with BMW: Scott has an option for 2025 while the American's is expiring.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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