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Moto3, Alonso: "What a struggle getting there! I lived for years without heat."

"The many sacrifices are serving as motivation for me to always give it my all. I thank my family and Aspar who continue to support me. My idol? Marquez, but now I'm going to try to take the best from everyone."

Moto3: Alonso:

Winner of five of the seven rounds so far, David Alonso is now the undisputed leader of the Moto 3. Born in 2006, the Aspar team rider represents one of the most significant emerging talents on the world championship stage. With a European Talent Cup won in 2020, and a Rookies Cup taken home in 2021, he began to make history last year at Silverstone, winning his first MotoGP race and becoming the first Colombian to do so.

"2023 was very positive, and it helped me gather experience. So, this season with the team, we've done nothing but identify the points to improve, focusing on ourselves, and forgetting about the others," he said, in an exclusive interview with Marca during a training session at the DR7 circuit in Tarancon.

He's known for his calm nature and, even in his free time, the watchword is relaxation. "When I'm not practicing on motorcycles, I try to be with my family or friends and do different sports activities than I usually do," he said, pleased with himself, after what he  managed to do on the track ."But the team always tries to keep my feet on the ground," he pointed out.

The limelight that is sweeping over him, however, hasn't obscured the memory of a far from easy path that, inevitably, has also invovled  his parents.

"Ours is a cherished sport, which is hard to get into. Certainly, Aspar has given me a hand from 2018 until now, but there are so many sacrifices behind this, and you have to give up many things. For example, at home, we went four years with the heaters off, we ate at my grandma's, and my aunt took care of the clothes . However, having a hard start allows you to value things more and is a stimulus to always do your best," he confided.

Asked to name his role model as a rider from whom he draws inspiration, the 18-year-old admitted, "My idol has always been Marc Marquez and, even as a child, I considered him a reference. Today, I'd say I try to take the best from everyone."

And about the eight-time world champion fresh from signing with the factory Ducati, and Jorge Martin agreeing to switch to Aprilia, he concluded, "I didn't expect that. The year 2025 promises to be interesting, with lots of good rivalries that will keep us entertained."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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