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SBK, Toprak: "With BMW I am winning, MotoGP? in the future, who knows: I should adapt"

"It's a different category. I have a winning package here, but the bike is still not 100 percent. We need to work on traction and engine braking, but the BMW helps on the straight. Today we interpreted the track conditions well. Overtaking Bulega? When I am calm I have something more."

SBK:  Toprak:

Toprak smashed everything in the Superbike weekend in Misano, also winning Race 2 by a narrow margin. After a start from the first box, the Turk had some initial difficulties in the first corners. However, he quickly climbed back up the leaderboard and on the seventh lap lashed out on an equally competitive Bulega to then close out the race solo, thus clinching a hat trick as undisputed ruler. The BMW in the hands of the 27-year-old youngster thus now stands as the main obstacle for the Ducatis, and Toprak thus stretches the distances in the standings while maintaining the leadership with 179 points, 21 behind Bulega's Ducati.

A perfect weekend, and four consecutive wins, six on the season. Do you also feel ready for MotoGP?
"With today we took everything here in Misano ," Toprak interjects , "but MotoGP is another category, everything is very different there starting with the bike. If I jumped now to MotoGP I would need time to adapt to everything. I am strong in Superbike, especially this season with this bike, for MotoGP we will see what happens in the future."

Was it difficult to catch Bulega in the race?
"Yes, he was pushing hard in the early stages of the race. My start of the race was strange, at turn 4 all the riders entered the inside of the corner and I couldn't find an opening to attack, especially with Locatelli who was using all the inside and it wasn't easy to pass him. After that I started to push again, normally my plan was to wait a couple of laps before starting to increase the pace, while today I had to give 100% from the beginning, being careful step by step not to make mistakes. When I'm calm I feel I have something more, after overtaking I immediately focus on the pace which is crucial for me, and today in Race 2 it was faster than in Race 1. Today we also improved the feeling on the front, the rear thrust was more balanced on the front and it made riding easier, I enjoyed it."

After a performance at this level this weekend here in Misano, it is hard to think that the BMW still needs to improve further and that you are not already at 100 percent.
"Here we interpreted the track conditions well and what works best for this bike, which is good. Especially in the long race the feeling is really good and the setup of the bike has improved in these temperatures. This means we are learning, and the team is working hard without a break even overnight, and in fact this morning we took another step forward from yesterday. I still had some problems in the last two corners, where I had a lot of vibration, but I tried to adjust in the race. It was a difficult race for everyone is clear, but I am very satisfied, both for the three wins, which was my goal here with BMW, and because we worked well throughout the weekend. I'm looking forward to testing myself at Donington in a month, one of my favorite circuits, I hope the weather there will be more clement than usual, but even in the wet we're not too bad."

Were you surprised by Bautista's crash this morning? He finished the race third today several seconds behind you.
"I think he still had a good race considering he was starting 11th on the grid, I don't know exactly how much of a gap there was between us at the end of the race but I think it was normal given the start. He took the best points within his reach considering the difficulties this weekend. That's the way it is in races, sometimes you have to score championship points by giving it your all. This weekend I felt really competitive, but it was not easy to get the three wins."

Compared to the beginning of the season, what do you feel you have improved on and what do you think you still need to improve on?
"I think in terms of electronics, grip, ergonomics and feeling on the front we have made progress. On the other hand, we still need to work on traction and engine braking, especially engine braking, because the others are also improving."

Compared to the past, was today one of your races faster than your rivals?
"I always gave my best, even when I was on the Yamaha, but sometimes it's not enough. The BMW helps a lot on the straight, it has more power. Now I finally have a good package, I ride well even though the bike is still not 100 percent, but the package is a winning package and we worked well all weekend, I'm really happy."

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