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SBK, Petrucci: "I gave everything, at the end of the race it was as if I had been stabbed."

"When I passed Bassani my light went out and I was afraid I would fall because I couldn't feel my arm anymore. I don't know how I did it, but it was since MotoGP that I hadn't felt so much affection and that was what gave me strength."

SBK: Petrucci:

"It was really difficult, very emotional." So Danilo Petrucci summed up in one sentence what was the Sunday he experienced in Misano. A real sporting feat the one completed by the rider from Terni, who arrived at the finish line of Race 2 by seizing an unhoped-for and unhoped-for sixth place, despite the excruciating pain in his injured shoulder that has gripped him all weekend.

"After yesterday I really didn't know how to do today. Everyone was telling me to quit when I felt too much pain because I had already done so much yesterday, " a completely devastated Danilo recounted after the race. " When I came out of the pits for Race 2, I felt a lot of pain under braking in Turn 4 and I had no strength despite the punctures they had given me, so I thought I wouldn't be able to brake. Actually, in the reconnaissance lap I saw that the shoulder was working, I was able to make a good start and thanks to some small changes we made to the bike I understood how to stop in the corners and how to hold on to the bike with my legs, to use little of my right arm, and so I was able to lap consistently on the 1'34"".

However, not even pain and difficulties were able to bend the warrior soul of Petrux, who was able to resist the pressure of Axel Bassani in the last laps of the race.

"Being behind Axel helped me a lot, but I did everything I could to pass him in the last laps because I saw that he was struggling a bit and making a few little mistakes. However, when I managed to do that, with four laps to go, my lights went out and my strength ran out. I was a block of concrete and I couldn't even say 'I'm going to grit my teeth,' since I can't do that, " explained the Barni team standard-bearer, trying to play it down. "I still tried to keep him behind by closing not only the door, but also the windows, the shutters and everything, curving along the curb, because I thought he was going to pass me but I wanted to stay there as long as I could hold on. I was very afraid of falling, because I couldn't feel my arm anymore, but I really gave everything and when I crossed the finish line it was like someone stabbed me in the shoulder. I have excruciating pain in my shoulder and I can't use my arm because of the inflammation, but luckily it just needs some rest."

It is hard to believe that Petrux made it to the finish line in this condition. So much so that he himself had told his manager before the race that he thought he would retire after three laps.

"There were a lot of strong riders starting behind me, like Bautista, Gardner and Lowes, who had crashed this morning, and I thought they would pass me. Bautista did, however, I got a good start and was 6th or 7th, so I tried to see how long I could hold the position and when I saw that I was the first satellite rider I held on. I don't know how I did it, but if you ask me to do it again I won't!" he said smiling.

A great show of heart, pride and passion.

"On the lap of honor, I saw all the marshals with the number 9 and it was very emotional, because I thought back to when I got injured and at first they told me I had better quit motorcycles. Instead then, I came home and immediately started working on getting back here. Honestly, I didn't think I could do it and I don't know where I found the strength to do all this. I'm really happy, even though I'm exhausted," said Danilo, who also drew an extra boost from the warmth of the home crowd.

"It's been since my podium games in MotoGP that I haven't felt this much affection and it was what gave me the strength ," he concluded, "All my friends were there and I couldn't retire just today. Rather I would have finished last. I am very sorry for the injury, but it gave me a lot of strength and the opportunity to give the right weight to the little things."

Photo credit: Danilo Petrucci

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