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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Pramac? There's a friendship that binds us. I hope they stay with Ducati."

"But the solution is clearly not in our hands, so we'll just have to wait. Bastianini and Viñales in KTM? We expected it. We'll have to work harder in 2025."

MotoGP: Dall'Igna:

In Misano for the Superbike round, Gigi Dall'Igna spoke to Sky at the end of Race 1, and also gave his opinion regarding the latest market news in the MotoGP.

"Toprak raised the level on Saturday in Misano. I have to say, he was very good. We got a double podium, but we're obviously not satisfied. We'll have to try to do more in the next race. Certainly, the track conditions were different than yesterday, so we'll have to try to evaluate some changes."

What do you think of the work the Ducati guys are doing in the Superbike?
"I'm definitely very happy. We were leading the standings before today's race. They're doing a great job, both the technicians and the riders."

Since the announcement about Marc joining the factory team, there's been more market news. Not only Aprilia with Martin, but KTM has also made a bold move, bringing both Bastianini and Viñales to Hervé Poncharal's team. Next year won't be easy.
"We expected it, and we knew what moves our rivals would make. They were obvious choices. It definitely won't be easy, and our rivals have gotten stronger but, as always, it's going to be a matter of having to work even harder."

What do you think KTM and Aprilia will work on, thanks to the valuable information that Bastianini and Martin will bring with them?
"Like I always said, in the end, it's more the technicians who bring information. The riders can, of course, bring their feedback, but it's difficult for them to bring technical secrets."

Another important issue will be to find out the outcome of the Pramac team's decision, a long-time a partner of Ducati, but apparently getting closer to Yamaha.
"I have no news on this topic, but it's clear that we're in the final stages, because the time to make decisions is running out. The solution is clearly not in our hands, so we'll just have to wait. We have a history with Pramac. We've worked together a lot, and there's a friendship that binds us, so I hope Campinoti will make the decision to stay with us."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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