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SBK, Iannone: "I can't ask Ducati for more than an official bike for 2025"

"We definitely lack something compared to the factory riders, but that's normal. Ducati is helping me, I know I'm special to them and it's really for them that I'm back."

SBK: Iannone:

It ended with a seventh place the first race of the weekend at Misano for Andrea Iannone. A Race 1 conditioned by the high temperatures that marked this Saturday at the Marco Simoncelli circuit, but also by a crash in Superpole that relegated the rider from Vasto to the third row of the grid.

"I was unlucky in Superpole because I was doing a very good lap and I think we could have finished on the front row. I had a slightly better feeling yesterday, while today we lost a little bit with these higher temperatures. I would need more, but the fact of the matter is that I was still the first unofficial rider at the finish line and we did the best we could with what we had," said the rider from Abruzzo, struggling under the scorching sun of the Romagna Riviera: "In the heat I had struggled more than the front runners even in Barcelona, while we are closer when the temperatures are lower. I don't know why this happens, but we will try to improve."

Speaking more specifically about the difficulties faced today, The Maniac added,"It's difficult for everyone when it's hot, but I think I'm missing something because it's clear that I lose more than Bautista, Bulega and Toprak in these conditions. Today's was the worst situation for me because I had no feeling in the front and from the beginning I had no grip in the rear under acceleration and also the electronics were not working in the right way. We have some problems, but it is still experience for us and we will try to use it to improve the situation."

According to Bautista, it is in extreme conditions that the true potential of a bike is seen. A thought also shared by Iannone.

"Yes, we have undoubtedly done our best but we are certainly missing something compared to the factory riders. It is normal that this is the case, this is the regulation and it is like that in every championship - he acknowledged the 34-year-old - I want more, I want to fight for something more, but sometimes it is also important to accept what is not possible to do and I think that today I could perhaps have done a little bit better, especially in the second part of the race, but in the end it is what it is. Tomorrow we will try to improve, changing something on the bike."

While not in the situation he would like to be in, the Go Eleven team rider tries to see the glass half full.

"Ducati is helping me and I'm happy about that. We are almost always the first independent team, we have been on the podium every now and then, and today I only had factory riders in front of me and also some factory bikes behind me. Obviously I want more, but you have to remember that in the last few years I was watching the races from TV and the reality is different from what I would like," he noted, "I got off to a strong start from the beginning and expectations are very high. People expect me to win and I want to do it, but you have to get there in stages, also because there are tracks where we struggle less because the difference with the other bikes is small and others, like this one, where we have been dealing with the heat and several other things. It's not just one aspect, but the whole package, and I'm still not 100 percent."

Any requests to Ducati could improve the situation?

"The only thing I can ask from Ducati is an official bike for next year," Andrea replied, "I can't ask more than that for this season and I don't expect more than that. I think I am special for Ducati, Dall'Igna and Domenicali and I know I am lucky. I came back for Ducati who wanted this comeback and Gigi helped me make it happen and now I am here. We definitely have to improve and and I'm working in practice and in the race to achieve that, but like I said it's about taking it one step at a time."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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