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SBK, Tardozzi: "It is clear that Iannone wants to return to MotoGP and it is right that he should try"

Davide speaks: "I think it's difficult, though, because I don't know how he can digest a MotoGP after so many years and the evolution there has been. Marquez once told me that Andrea was the only rider he feared in Moto2."

SBK, Tardozzi: "It is clear that Iannone wants to return to MotoGP and it is right that he should try"
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Superbike lands in Misano and for the occasion we couldn't help but have a word with the man who won the first race in the World Championship reserved for Superbikes, Davide Tardozzi. The current Ducati team manager was our guest on Wednesday night's live show, talking about the current situation that the Championship is experiencing and at the same time also turning his gaze to the future.

Among the topics touched upon, the issue related to Andrea Iannone certainly could not be missed. As already written a few weeks ago, The Maniac is at the center of negotiations and in front of him there is a fork in the road: on the one hand continuing in the current Championship, on the other a resounding return to MotoGP with Pramac should Campinoti decide to choose Yamaha and say goodbye to Ducati.

Regarding this talk, Tardozzi was very clear, stating his own point of view.

"With Andrea I have a momentary relationship and as we know Paolo Campinoti is a great admirer of his, " said the Ducati team manager , "I think, however, that the thing is reasonably difficult for several reasons. Andrea is doing very well in SBK, but MotoGP is a step further and I don't know if after so many years he can still digest it. Also, the way of riding has changed and at the same time also the characteristics of the bikes."

Tardozzi then tries to give his advice in this regard.
"Considering his age, Andrea should try to do well in SBK. For sure MotoGP is in his head, but I see it difficult that he can get there. He is, however, a natural talent, and I want to remember something Marquez told me a few years ago: Iannone was the only rider Marc feared in Moto2, and Andrea deserved the respect of an eight-time world champion."

Davide is then asked what he would do in his place.
"Obviously I would try and it is clear that Iannone wants to try to come back, because he is a talented rider who has passion. I personally think it's right for him to try to come back to MotoGP, because if he believes in his own qualities he has to try. At the same time, however, I use reason, aware of what the current paddock dynamics are, in fact I say it will be difficult. But one thing is certain: if a rider is going strong in racing he has to believe in it and try. Therefore, if he thinks he is strong, he must try."

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