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SBK, Herrera takes historic first pole in Women's, 4th Ponziani

Spanish hat trick in qualifying with Sanchez and Carrasco completing the front row. 5th Howden then Carreno and Neila with Ongaro, Michel and Ruiz rounding out the top ten

SBK: Herrera takes historic first pole in Women's, 4th Ponziani

The first qualification of the Women's World Championship smiles on Maria Herrera. On the Misano track, the Forward bearer in fact conquers the first historic pole in 1'49"390, preceding Sara Sanchez by only 51 thousandths. The Spanish flag flies on the Riviera track because completing the front row is another Iberian rider, namely Ana Carrasco, in force at the Evan Bros. team.

The former SSP300 champion got the better of Roberta Ponziani, who in Race 1 will therefore start from the fourth box, having collected 183 thousandths. Behind our bearer enters Jessica Howden then Isis Carreno.

With the seventh time instead Beatriz Neila while Ongaro, Michel and Ruiz close the top ten. According to what can be seen from the ranking, the times are contained in the positions close to the top with four female pilots in less than two tenths.

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