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MotoGP, Mir: "Marquez? He's more talented than me and, after Honda, he went to Gresini"

"When things go wrong, you become less attractive. Before signing with HRC, I received many offers, but now it's different. What will I do in 2025? I don't know. I'll  certainly still be on the grid, hopefully away from the difficulties."

MotoGP: Mir:

Since the beginning of the season, Honda has only scored 19 points. Really not enough for a team of that caliber and, despite the goodwill shown by the constructor, the riders have already shown signs of impatience, especially Joan Mir. After winning the title in 2022 with Suzuki, the Spanish rider certainly didn't expect taking step backwards, signing with another factory team that had been dominating until recently.

So, speaking about his own future with Crashnet, he admitted that he has many doubts about staying, even in 2025, on a team that, by Team manager Alberto Puig's own admission, no longer knows which way to turn in an attempt to climb back up the ladder.

"For now, I don't know where I want to go. Definitely, once I put all the options on the table, I'll have a clearer idea," he confided. "I remember that, before coming here, I had received many offers. Now it's different. I'll have to wait for the strongest pawns to be arranged. What happened in the past doesn't count and, today, there are at least four or five colleagues who take precedence."

With a good dose of realism, the 26-year-old explained the concept better by bringing up Marquez, namely the one who, with the team of the golden wing, has written a good slice of contemporary MotoGP history. "When he left, despite his worth, which is higher than mine, he didn't go to a factory team, but to Gresini. I spoke with him on several occasions, and I know how he felt in the last difficult period in HRC, and how he is now. In this way, I know that I have two paths, either to go elsewhere or to accept to stay in this situation."

Looking for someone willing to take him on, despite currently being only 18th overall, seems to be the most plausible way forward but, on the contrary, the hypothesis of ritiring in the wake of what his fellow countrtyman, Aleix Espargaro, has done isn't even contemplated. "I really don't think I'll be left out. Maybe this thought will come up later, but not now. Usually, when you come out of critical issues and get back to being competitive, your mindset changes. When you realize that you're where you deserve to be and where your qualities are valued, it's possible that you may want to stay in the sport for a long time. Personally, as of today, I just hope to get out of this dark period," he reiterated, while showing some skepticism about his RC213V's ability to become competitive again anytime soon.






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Translated by Leila Myftija

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