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MotoGP, Quartararo: "Beat Honda? I don't care. I just think about who's in front."

"The financial aspect is only one of the reasons why I signed the renewal with Yamaha. Unfortunately, we're a year behind the competition. Are the new 2027 rules scary? The company is investing a lot."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

The oddities of the MotoGP have led to a major reversal. If, up until a couple of seasons ago, the top series of the MotoGP championship was Japanese-driven, all of a sudden, the European brands have awoke from their slumber. And, so, from being chasers, Ducati first, but also Aprilia, have become the stars of the championship, followed at close range by the Austrian KTM.

In the midst of a seemingly inexplicable crisis, the teams of the Rising Sun obtained from Dorna - after everyone's  go-ahead - those so-called concessions regarding  technical aspects and private testing, so as to shorten the time needed to recuperate. However, since these aren't issues that can be resolved immediately, the results are slow in coming, and there are those like Fabio Quartararo who - winning a title in 2021 riding for Yamaha - has now reached the limit of his patience.

Asked by AS about the reasons that led him to renew his contract with Yamaha, in spite of such an impasse, the French rider replied, "Like I already said, I have confidence in the design and the way they work at headquarters. The financial aspect (ed. there's talk of an annuala engagement for approx, 5 and a half million Euros) counted only in a small part compared to what I know to be more than a promise."

For El Diablo, his handicap compared with the strongest is evident. "We're twelve months behind, but I'm convinced that, at the beginning of 2025, we'll be in a different position. We'll probably go back to talking as we did in the past and not wondering if we'll be able to get into the Q2. Do the regulatory changes in 2027 scare me? Yamaha is making big investments, so absolutely not. The short-term goal is to recuperate and, for the long term, to remain competitive," he asserted. with a combative attitude.

With only the possibility of returning to battle up in front  on his mind, the rider from Nice denied any interest in the head-to-head with Honda, which is rewarding them. "I'm not going to look at what those behind us are doing, only who's superior to us," he concluded.




Automatic Translation by DeepL

Translated by Leila Myftija

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