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MotoGP, Aleix Espargaró: "I will put money on Martin being a title contender with Aprilia"

"Since I joined Aprilia we have never stopped growing, and Jorge has a lot of talent, hunger and is young. For me it is a dream to have him on my bike next year."

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaró:

The announcement of Jorge Martin in Aprilia came almost like a bolt out of the blue on Monday afternoon of testing at Mugello. What was more surprising than the news itself, which had become an almost obligatory step after the rumours that had heralded Marc Marquez's arrival in the official Ducati team from 2025, was the speed with which the top management of the Noale manufacturer made it known that they had reached a multi-year agreement with the Madrid native. A communication as quick as the negotiations between the two parties were, which took place in not even one day. Crucial for the purposes of the partnership was in fact the evening of the Italian GP, where Aleix Espargaró, Martinator's mentor and great friend, laid the groundwork for what next year will become to all intents and purposes a handover to his heir.

"It was quite a unique situation really. After the race, Jorge and his manager realized that his option to go to Ducati was not as clear as they thought. So, he started to talk to different brands, different manufacturers and he came to my motorhome; we talked until midnight and I just tried to convince him that Aprilia was the best option for him, because I know how high the potential of Aprilia is, how good the team is and I know his talent. So, I knew that the perfect place for him was Aprilia," the eldest of the Espargaró brothers told our colleagues.

"I convinced him and Massimo was really clever to prepare everything very quickly. It was a really nice opportunity for Aprilia, and one we didn't think would happen. For me it's a dream to have Jorge on my bike next year ," admitted the Aprilia Racing captain, convinced that the marriage between Martin and the Veneto-based manufacturer will be able to bring great satisfaction to everyone.

For that matter, Aleix seems to have no doubts about the potential of the new pairing and Jorge's chances of taking the RS-GP to fight for the title. "I will put my money on it that he does it. It seems that since I joined Aprilia eight years ago we haven't stopped growing," noted the Catalan rider. "I have won a few races in recent years and he has a lot of talent, a lot of hunger and is young. Everyone in Noale is super excited to have one of the strongest riders in the field."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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