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SBK, Pirelli shuffles the cards for Misano, bringing two new additions to Superbike!

The premier class riders will have two new development solutions at their disposal, Barbier: "We are continuing work on the SCX at the rear, while at the front we are evolving the SC1 specification, also in SSP."

SBK: Pirelli shuffles the cards for Misano, bringing two new additions to Superbike!

Almost two months after the Round at Assen, World Superbike is back in action for the fourth round of the season, staged this weekend at the Misano World Circuit "Marco Simoncelli"(weekend schedule here). It's a particularly eagerly awaited stage for Pirelli, which will debut three major new products in the SBK and SSP classes. Also going to flank the riders of the Women's Motorcycle World Championship, in the first ever Round of the competition, for which the Milanese company is the sole supplier of tires.

As for the premier class of Superbike, two new development solutions will be available in Emilia-Romagna: an SC1 tire with specification D0279 for the front, which maintains the compound of the range SC1 but features a different casing designed to give greater stability and riding precision; and the SCX with specification D0339 at the rear, which differs from the range solution in both structure and compound, with the objective of maintaining the level of grip already offered by this one at maximum lean angle, while increasing traction and speed during cornering and offering greater protection from wear. In addition to the new solutions, riders will be able to count on SC1 and SC2 range options at the front and SCX and SC0 at the rear, as well as the SCQ exclusively intended for use in Superpole and Superpole Race.

In Supersport, however, the new entry will be the SC1 development solution with D0444 specification. A front tire that retains the compound of the range-topping SC1, but differs in the carcass to offer greater stability and precision. This new solution joins the SC1 and SC2 options for the front and SCX and SC0 for the rear.

Girls engaged in the Women's World Championship, on the other hand, will be able to count on Pirelli Diablo Superbike tires in 120/70 R17 front and 180/60 R17 rear sizes, both in SC1 compound. Each rider will have three front and three rear tires available for each weekend. In case of rain, they will instead have Diablo Rain tires in SCR1 compound, with the same size as the slicks on the front and 200/60 R17 on the rear.

"On the occasion of the Italian stage we decided to debut some new products in line with our philosophy of continuous development of new solutions to improve the range year after year," commented Pirelli's Motorcycle Racing Director Giorgio Barbier, speaking of the solutions that will be introduced on the Riviera. "For the WorldSBK class, at the rear we are continuing work on the SCX to improve its speed of travel and protection from wear, while preserving the grip performance at maximum lean that the range solution already offers. At the front, on the other hand, we are working, in both classes, to evolve the SC1 specification toward more support in terms of stability and precision. We know the Misano circuit well, therefore, it is the ideal terrain for us to make data comparisons ," Barbier stressed . "Starting from this Round we will also be engaged in another beautiful adventure, the one that will see us alongside the girls of the FIM Women's Motorcycle World Championship of which we will be sole suppliers. We have enthusiastically embraced this initiative because we share its values of inclusion and openness. The girls have already done a test in Cremona a couple of weeks ago starting to get familiar with the SC1 compounds they have in allocation for front and rear, now the debut in the race: I wish them all the best for this first season!"

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