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MotoGP, Vinales: "Martìn's arrival in Aprilia opened my eyes."

VIDEO - "My future? Hard to understand, I have to find the best project for me, to make the best of my talent. Nice to see all this passion at Aprilia All Stars, with the Noale manufacturer you live everything intensely."

MotoGP, Vinales: "Martìn's arrival in Aprilia opened my eyes."
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Maverick Vinales was simply devastated at the end of the Aprilia All Stars in Misano. In fact, the Spaniard had left at night from Spain to reach Misano, was greeted by an adoring crowd that made it practically impossible for him to walk around the paddock, and also tried his hand at the Race Of Stars, the race organized by Aprilia riding the RS660s, which Maverick finished in second place in a team with our very fast colleague Stefano Cordara.

However, this edition of the Aprilia party was a strange one for Maverick, who still has not signed the contract to stay on the RS-GP in 2025 and is also thinking about other possibilities for his future. Among the thousands of commitments the Top Gun had, the only time we managed to have a few words with him was during the walk that took him from the pits to the podium set up in the paddock after the race with the RS. Basically we experienced together with Maverick the crowd, we could witness firsthand how great is the love of the Aprilia fans for this rider who when he is in perfect tune with his bike, becomes virtually unbeatable.

"It's a party that allows you to feel an incredible passion, "Maverick told us, "there are so many fans here who are super passionate. Then it's Aprilia, and that in my opinion makes it even better. Then the great thing is that we were able to ride and have a lot of fun. An important thing when you have a day like this!"

It's a special moment.
"It's all special, when you are a rider of the Noale manufacturer you live everything very intensely. It's something really nice."

Martìn is on his way, you could make a Dream Team in 2025.
"That's hard to figure out. I still haven't really thought about what to do in 2025. I want to figure out which project is the best for me, to make the best of my talents. So I'm still evaluating and deciding."

But has anything changed for you since you learned you would have Jorge in the box?
"Clearly Martìn's arrival has opened my eyes a bit to look around. It doesn't depend only on Jorge's arrival, just that there are some interesting opportunities around and I have to evaluate them well."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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