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MotoGP, Aleix Espargarò: "Martìn with my Aprilia will become an idol."

VIDEO - "I love both Jorge and Aprilia, I want the best for both of them. He was sad about what happened with Ducati, now instead he is happy and excited. It's fantastic to be here today, the All Stars gets bigger and better every year."

MotoGP, Aleix Espargarò: "Martìn with my Aprilia will become an idol."
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Aleix Espargarò experienced in Misano his last Aprilia All Stars in the role of 'Captain' for the Noale manufacturer. Whatever his future may be, in 2025 he seems destined to wear different colours but in the 2024 edition of the great Aprilia party he enjoyed all the love of the fans who have never stopped supporting him over the years. From laps on the track riding the 250s, through the Race of Stars and even a few laps with the real beasts, the RS-GPs that since Aleix arrived at Aprilia have steadily improved to become among the most competitive bikes in the paddock.

"I'm happy, this day is fantastic for me - Aleix told us - It's eight years that we've been together with Aprilia, I've been here since the beginning of the Aprilia All Stars, every year it gets bigger, we do more things and it's great because you see all the Aprilia guys, the engineers, the historical riders. A really really cool day for me. I'm having fun, definitely it will be my last one as an Aprilia rider."

Jorge Martìn is arriving on your bike, it seems like an ideal passing of the baton.
"I wish all the best for both Jorge and Aprilia, I love them both. For me it is a dream that my Aprilia with the #41, with all my guys in the garage, will be ridden by him next year, it is something that makes me very happy, both for him and for the team. He was very sad about everything that happened with Ducati, but I'm sure in Aprilia he will find what it takes, he will be an idol without a doubt, which he deserves. I saw him really very happy and excited!"

But there are many races left for you to run before saying goodbye to the black bike with 41! You need a win to say goodbye for good.
"Big time! I will try without a doubt, there are some important tracks ahead of us in Aprilia. Assen will be good for us, then there will also be Silverstone, which is okay. Our bike is good, but in the last few races we have not been able to be at the level we expected. A lot has happened, but the truth is that there is more than half the championship remaining. I'm very focused, I'd like to say goodbye to Aprilia with a good win."

You got back on the two-strokes again this year, it seems to be your favorite time in the Aprilia All Stars!
"Time flies, but I actually don't feel like it's been that long since I rode those bikes there, too. Today, almost all the riders who are in MotoGP racing against me have never tried the two-strokes, so it's still something really special to me. Every year at the Aprilia All Stars for me one of the best things is just to be able to ride the two-stroke bikes, also because every year that passes it becomes more and more difficult but it remains wonderful."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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