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MotoGP, Albesiano: "Espargaró is fundamental and has always got the best out of the Aprilia"

VIDEO - "Aleix has always been a benchmark for us. Martin is the best way to replace his loss. It's going to be important to get off to a good start with Jorge, but I expect him to adapt quite well to the bike."

MotoGP, Albesiano: "Espargaró is fundamental and has always got the best out of the Aprilia"
Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube

Aprilia's past and present meet today in Misano during the Aprilia All Stars: the Noale brand's big party. A magical moment for all the fans, but also for those who, like Romano Albesiano, are an important part of the Veneto manufacturer's history.

"Walking in the pitlane, we saw almost all the bikes from Aprilia's racing history, and it's wonderful. When a manufacturer has such a history, it should be given its due reward and make all the fans and enthusiasts part of it. It's a wonderful moment," Aprilia Racing's technical director told us, before talking to us about what the Veneto-based manufacturer is experiencing in the MotoGP.

This is a special edition for Aprilia, because it's going to be the last one with Captain Aleix Espargaró.
"Aleix has given us so much over the years. He's a very fast rider and one I respect very much, because he has always given it his all every time he's lowered his visor, with generosity and incredible dedication. He's always improved over the years, and he has left us and leaves us so much, also on an emotional level. It's wonderful to feel his connection with us and, for me, he's like a younger brother, much younger than me."

How important was Aleix to the development of the Aprilia RS-GP?
"He followed all the development from the first design to the evolution, from the narrow V four-cylinder engine to the 90° V4, through the arrival of aerodynamics, and he's always been a benchmark. The good thing about Aleix is that we always knew that what he was getting out of the bike was the best you could get out of it, and that's crucial for a technician, because you have a clear parameter of the potential of what you're doing and the improvements you're introducing."

You always said you'd like a rider from Ducati and, next year, it's going to be Jorge Martin who'll be picking up the baton from his fellow countryman.
"Ducati is definitely the benchmark right now. We've come so close, and even surpassed it on a few occasions, but to have a rider coming from a top-level factory bike is very important ... and what a rider! If it was a matter of replacing the great loss with Aleix, it was done in the best possible way."

Jorge's first approach with Aprilia will be very important. What do you expect?
"In this MotoGP, where there's very little opportunity to test with factory riders, it's crucial to get off to a good start. I expect he'll like our bike, and he can adapt to it quite well. It won't be a process that's immediately at full speed. It's going to take a bit, but I hope and believe it won't take much."

With the introduction of the new regulations in 2027, you'll have to work on two projects at once.
"We all started already because, it's such a radical change, you have to be prepared and go through a long and important pre-race development process. Carrying out two projects at the same time is very challenging for companies, and these regulatory technical changes will have a major impact on the budget, but that's the way it is, and we have to find the right way to distribute resources across the two projects."

Returning to the present, are you satisfied with this first part of the season?
"We've had some outstanding achievements and are generally very strong in qualifying and sprints. We've been very strong in the race at times, but we need to improve in handling the second part of the race, where we've suffered a bit on some occasions. The start is also good, but it still needs to be stabilized regarding the level, but I'm satisfied. I could be more, but I'm satisfied."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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