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MotoGP, The first photo of Bagnaia and Marquez together - when they were kids

It was 2010 when the two were in the Monlau team garage, Rins and Alex Marquez were also there, and Pecco asked Marc for a photo

MotoGP: The first photo of Bagnaia and Marquez together - when they were kids

To see a photo of Pecco Bagnaia and Marc Marquez both dressed in red we will have to wait until next year, but there is one particular shot of them in the not-so-early days. You can see it above and it was published by El Periodico, which chronicled the first meeting between those two riders who years later would become champions in MotoGP and also teammates in Ducati.

It was 2010, the season in which Marc would win his first title in 125. Pecco was just 13 years old, and Umberto Milesi, owner of the braking systems company Galfer, had recommended the Piedmont rider to the Monlau team. So Bagnaia was in Barcelona along with two other familiar faces of the current premier class, Alex Rins and Alex Marquez, to undergo an 'audition'.

Marc was also there that day, there to support his brother. "Before he left, Pecco and everyone else asked to take a picture with him and, of course, Marc was overjoyed to accept," recounted Jaime Serrano, with Iván Ventura, the two managers of that team.

Serrano also described the 'little' Bagnaia: "he was a little boy, extremely formal, serious, not very talkative, very, very correct, trying to fit in, very tactfully, in the team that had welcomed him and in which he felt, to tell the truth, very much at home."

Pecco would ride with Monlau in the CEV in 2011 and 2012, finishing 3rd in the championship in both seasons, the first won by Rins and the second by Alex Marquez.

The rest of the story does not need to be told, and the next time Pecco and Marc take a picture together perhaps they will remember that moment when they were little more than kids full of dreams. Many of them have come true, others are yet to be chased and from next year they will do so in the same box, with the same colour. Red, of course.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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