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SBK, WorldWCR: Women's World Championship broadcast live and free on YouTube

All of the races in the new Women's Motorcycle Racing World Championship will be visible on the YouTube channel dedicated to the championship, which will also have specific profiles on social media networks

SBK: WorldWCR: Women's World Championship broadcast live and free on YouTube

We are less than two weeks away now from the inaugural Round of the Women's World Championship, which will be held starting this year within the context of the World Superbike series and will kick off in Misano on the weekend of June 14th to 16th.

The first of six season-long rounds, with races that will be broadcast live and free-of-charge on the WorldWCR's dedicated YouTube channel, as announced today by Dorna Sports, pending the unveiling in upcoming weeks of the broadcasters that will be partners in the series. It's going to be the first championship in Dorna's catalog to be available for free viewing on the web platform, and the all-female series will also be the first class in the World Championship dedicated to factory SBKs that will have specific social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and X.

A move that hasn't entirely convinced some, such as Maddi Patterson, Sekhmet Racing's Team Principal, who is critical of the decision to separate the Championship profiles from those of the World SBK.

"I think it's amazing that the championship is going to be visible for free on YouTube. This will allow new fans to discover the sport and access it, internationally. It's a brave strategy on Dorna's part, especially considering the pay-per-view trend of recent years. This move represents a golden opportunity to help the championship gain popularity and demonstate that the quality of the races matters more than the gender of the riders. If the races are good, fans will watch them," he said. "However, I think the decision to isolate the championship on dedicated social media channels instead of integrating it into the broader World SBK paddock is a mistake. Our goal is to offer good racing, and we want to be recognized for what we are: motorcycle racers. This doesn't require a separate channel, but deserves access to as wide an audience as possible. Directing an existing audience to a new social media channel or, rather, removing us from traditional channels on social media doesn't seem to achieve this goal."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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