Marc Marquez, Gigi Dall'Igna and Ducati: fatal attraction

Him, her, another him, and the other. An love triangle that in the present case had an almost entirely peaceful outcome, although there was no shortage of moments of pathos. Only a woman, or a red motorcycle, can trigger such emotions

: Marc Marquez, Gigi Dall'Igna and Ducati: fatal attraction

In the end, it went exactly the way we predicted: the situation fell apart in 24 hours. Personally, I never had any doubt that Ducati was attracted to Marc Marquez, but it was not just a question of marketing, although there is no doubt that this aspect also had its importance.

Our belief was based more on the fact that a numbers man like Gigi Dall'Igna could not have been indifferent to Marc. Remember. Enea Bastianini had been the first to notice certain differences since the eight-time world champion's first test in Valencia.

And then while we were all arguing about the difference between the GP23 and GP24, Gigi was intimately familiar with the characteristics of one and the other bike and, having taken stock of the novelty of the new tyres that have done so much to lower the lap times - only tyres can do so much - he was the only one able to assess how much there was of Marquez in his performance on the Ducati, which, moreover, was the bike of 'Bagnaia's minus a few things,' as Dall'Igna had explained from the beginning because some components would be too complex for a private team to handle.

So what are we talking about? In today's MotoGP, where Martin's pole over Bagnaia at Mugello was obtained with 43/1000th of advantage, even one tenth is capable of making a difference. Not to say anything about what it would be over the course of a Grand Prix.

That's why, barring political decisions at a different level - Pramac could have played an important role - the Ducati+Marquez equation seemed a foregone conclusion to us. And you want to know something else? In our opinion, the Marquez-Pramac option, even if advocated would have made little sense: already last year Ducati was in danger of being beaten by the Siena-based outfit: do you think the sponsors of the official manufacturer would have been happy?

We only had a bit of doubt about where Enea Bastianini and Jorge Martin would go. We had immediately thought of Aprilia because of the friendship between Jorge and captain Aleix Espargaro, but Massimo Rivola might have preferred Bastianini on the Italian side.

It was that wily old fox Carlo Pernat who beat him to it on time, because when the news was not yet public, he signed him up with KTM. A choice also promoted by the fact, if you remember, that the Beast was a Red Bull rider, with great support from Red Bull Italia.

And what will Pramac do now? Right, because there was also in the air the possibility that it might take Bastianini back with it. Now, instead, although it is true that it has a contract-option that expires at the end of July in hand, it could at best have two youngsters, or one youngster like Aldeguer and Morbidelli on the team. Not exactly very much for Paolo Campinoti, who had a wonderful idea in his head: to rival the factory team. After all, it is understandable, the appetite comes with eating.

Now the capable and pleasant manager from Siena has only to swallow the pill or accept the court of Yamaha. It is undoubtedly a very interesting option, although not in the immediate future, for both parties involved. And also, if you will, a further victory for Ducati, which wants to have a satellite team to help grow young riders, not a thorn in the side that can steal the world championship...however...for this year the challenge is still open!

One last consideration: from the way things have panned out, namely Aprilia's announcement of Jorge Martin's signing before Ducati's thanking and saying goodbye (as is the custom), it makes it clear that the whole thing has not been without friction. Just as Pit Beirer remembered Jorge's snub when he left KTM for Ducati, so probably both Martin and his manager, Albert Valera, may hold some grudges. But that's the way of things and the world.

We are left with one big question: but what was it that made the decision for Marquez worth waiting six Grands Prix? In the last four Grands Prix Jorge Martin has scored 91 points, Marc Marquez 100 and Bagnaia 103. So what are we talking about?

P.S. Good thing the love triangle didn't work out like in the movie 'Fatal Attraction' with Michael Douglas!

Ah, the cover photo is a photomontage, although we would not put our hand on the fire that Marc has not already had access to the sanctum sanctorum of Borgo Panigale.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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