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MotoGP, VIDEO - Bastianini joked: "Strange, no long lap penalty after overtaking Marquez"

Bagnaia, Martìn, and Bastianini commented on the Mugello race before getting on the podium. Enea made a joke after reviewing the overtake on Marc that allowed him to catch up with and then pass Jorge.

MotoGP: VIDEO - Bastianini joked:

Enea Bastianini was definitely full of irony when commenting with Bagnaia and Martìn on the images of the Grand Prix before getting on the podium at Mugello. Among the various images, there was also those related to the overtaking on Marc Marquez. It was a clean but also aggressive maneuver that allowed him first to catch up with and then also overtake Jorge in view of the finish line. An overtake that, fortunately, didn't end up under the watchful eye of the Stewards Panel. Just as well, we dare to add, because too often lately it seems to us that their eye needs a good old eye exam. Below are the images by Sky Sport MotoGP.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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