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MotoGP, Martín: "I made a rookie mistake with Bastianini, it won't happen again"

"Next year at Mugello I will know how to keep the right line throughout the last lap, a good rider learns from his mistakes and today I made a big one. Mugello is Pecco's track, at Assen I know I can do a good job."

MotoGP: Martín:

Jorge Martìn is perhaps half happy at the end of the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. Yesterday's third place allowed a perfect Bagnaia to get noticeably closer in the overall standings, and just when he was at least anticipating a thick second place, came a textbook overtake by Enea Bastainini, who at the Bucine threaded him through when the games seemed done.

However, Jorge can consider the glass half full especially when analyzing his weekend as a whole, because after yesterday's crash in the Sprint he seemed quite worried ahead of the long race and a podium can be considered a success in any case, it allowed him to contain the damage and leave Tuscany with a haul of 18 points ahead of Pecco.

"It was an interesting race I would say - Martìn's words - Now I can also say I'm happy, at the beginning I was slightly frustrated with that overtaking on the last lap. But before the race I would have signed for a podium for sure, I suffered so much yesterday and I was really in crisis. We were able to improve things on the bike, at the beginning I was really close to Pecco. But really it's one thing to be close, it's another to be close enough to attack. I didn't get there, but overall I was much more competitive here than I was last season so I think we are doing a great job, we are fast all the time and often on the podium. This track belongs to Pecco, I already said that on Thursday. To finish so close to him is in any case positive."

Did you understand what happened yesterday?
"I still don't really understand why I crashed yesterday, but sometimes it happens and it's not the first time it's happened to me. It also happened to Pecco in the Barcelona Sprint and I would say it is something we have to solve, because to fall without knowing the reason is something that is not good at all for confidence. I'm happy because usually I prefer not to touch the bike and just try to work on myself to figure out how to be fast with what I have. But from yesterday to today we made some pretty big changes and it was worth it. This gives me and the team more confidence for the future, because now I know we can do something different when things don't work without being afraid of it. I come away from Mugello with so many positives, I got on the podium on a weekend that was probably one of the most difficult weekends of the season for me. I can only be happy about that."

Compared to the GP23 in what do you think the GP24 represents a step forward?
"In my opinion the thing that has changed a lot on this year's bike is the braking, at least that's what I feel. However, here I saw the GP23 very fast, I remember last year in direction changes for example, I was faster with that bike. This year I suffer more in some points, but in my opinion in general they are very similar."

How did you feel when Bastianini passed you?
"It all depends on the experience you have and today I would say that I really misused my experience in the last corner! But trust me, this will not happen again in the future. A good rider is one who learns from his mistakes and today mine was a super mistake, worthy of a rookie. Next year on the last lap I will stay on the right trajectory until the end."

Now comes Assen, do you think you can come back to win?
"Last season in Assen I crashed in qualifying and started 12th and there the first lap is very difficult. But then on Sunday in the race I recovered from a gap of 5 seconds from the leader down to 2 on the last lap, so I think I can do a good job, I also feel stronger than last season. My goal is to get on the podium, I know we have the potential to do it so it just remains for me to be focused and face the race weekend."

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