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Espargaro: "The MotoGP bikes at Mugello? Too much for the human body."

"If there had been just one more lap, I would've withdrawn. For part of the race, I was braking with one finger. The result? Disappointing. Something is happening to the bike. A future as a tester? I'm not talking."

MotoGP: Espargaro:

Aleix Espargaro came in 9th in the Sprint Race yesterday and only 11th today, so he didn't hide his frustration, not so much for his results but beccause of the sensations he he felt riding his Aprilia that, in his hands, seems to be a distant relative of the one from the start of the championship.

"I gave it my all and never expected to finish so far behind. It's not my ideal track but, all in all, I was always on Vinales' times and faster than the other Aprilias. I fought for the whole race with Binder. In the end ,I finished very far from the leaders," he said. "I had a pace tha was ten seconds pace than last year and yet we took 20 seconds from Bagnaia. I really don't know what has been happening for a few races now, because we're not at a good level anymore. We have to try to work better."

Most all riders reported that they struggled, also in finishing the race. "I think, if there had been one more lap, I would've withdrawn. The bike was really nervous. I couldn't corner or brake. For the last twelve laps, I always used one finger. We didn't have a  perfect set-up, but I think it was a common problem. It's clear that the level of downforce that MotoGP bikes have on a circuit like that is too much for the human body," he claimed.

In conclusion, he spoke of his possible role as a Honda tester in 2025. "I can't say anything," he hedged. The rumor in the paddock is that Honda is interested in him in the role of development tester for the RC213-V.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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