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MotoGP, Binder: "Marquez's overtaking? Turbulence at 350 km/h is scary!"

"Perfect start, and I found an empty track, so I went from 13th to 4th. Lucky? Luck isn't enough for a recovery like that. It's too bad that I had those problems. Acosta on the official team? I have a lot to learn from him."

MotoGP: Binder:

Sixth at the end of the Mugello Sprint Race, Brad Binder can be called the bravest of the day. With a healthy dose of brazeness, he jumped into the fray like there was no tomorrow and went from 13th to 4th at the green light.

"I had a really good start and found an empty track ahead of me. Lucky? You don't make a recovery just because of that. Unfortunately, from the warm-up lap, I felt that something was wrong because I always ended up wide and, in the end, my race was affected by this. I don't really know what caused it. You can still manage with fresh tires but, once they drop a bit, you can't push anymore," he analyzed.

Rewinding back to what happened in the morning, the South African rider commented, "Qualifying was good. The first attempt, not so much. Instead, in the second one, I managed to do a good lap, but not enough to get into the Q2. I had to warm up the tires, in case I went to the next stage, but that didn't happen, and I had to use that set for the race, which wasn't ideal. Otherwise, as mentioned, a good start. But, then, even if I gave it my all, I started to struggle in the corners and ended up doing more meters than I should have. Definitely a problem for which we'll have to find a solution for tomorrow."

The news of the day was the announcement of Acosta joining the official KTM team, replacing Jack Miller in 2025. "The reality is that, it's kind of like we're one team with four bikes, because we all work together. That said, it would be great to have Pedro on the other side of the garage. As soon as he arrived in this class, he's been fast and incredibly fit. I think I have a lot to learn from him. Are we similar in style? We both slide the rear, but he's much better at stopping the bike. This is a strong point of his. Also, he has a very clean and precise riding style."

He concluded with a comment about Marquez's overtaking on the straight in the early stages of the race. "The turbulence you create when you have a bike near you is incredible. As soon as he passed, the front lifted and leaned, and he came back straight. It had never happened to me at 350 km/h, and it was quite scary. I was lucky I didn't lose the brakes. Tomorrow, I'll tuck in good tomorrow when someone overtakes me," he said.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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