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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "Alex Marquez is a showman who wants to get others penalized"

Both riders called to Race Direction: "I was off the trajectory. Otherwise, I'm happy with my Friday. Mugello is exciting for ,e. Winning the Sprint? I'm starting to think this could be it."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

It was certainly not a black Friday for Bagnaia at Mugello, but the exact opposite. Pecco finished first during today, just missing his record while, on the flying lap, he demonstrated how he has a leg up on everyone. The only impediment he might have to deal with is a maneuver that's being investigated by the Stewards, after Alex Marquez got angry and blamed him for ruining his fast lap. As of now, there still haven't been updates.

The world champion's response was terse: "I was off the trajectory when braking, but he was being a showman, as usual. I think it's ridiculous to be called into Race Direction for what happened, but I'll hear what they have to say and explain my version. Being a showman, when certain things happen, gets other riders  penalized. He played his part the best he could. He's like that. He's Alex Marquez."

This incident could ruin a virtually perfect day.

"It was definitely a good Friday," Bagnaia said, satisfied. "I'm happy with my performance. I was fast, especially on worn tires, and the flying lap time is a consequence of the good sensations on the bike. I didn't do a special lap. I made two small mistakes. Being first is always nice, even if it wasn't my main goal. In the last four Fridays, I always felt very good, and it helps me be ready for tomorrow."

The home factor also helps.

"I have a lot of good tracks. Barcelona, Qatar, this one, Assen. All those with long corners," he emphasized. "We're racing in Italy, and that's really exciting for me. This morning, when I entered the garage, there were already people screaming in the stands, and it gave me goosebumps. These are feelings that help."

To the extent that Pecco even afforded himself the luxury of watching the last few minutes from the pit. A strategy to send a message to his opponents?

"Simply, I had already done my lap, and I knew that, with a time like that, I'd be in the ten. I didn't do it with any strategy, honestly. I don't really care about these things," he stated. "Today, I worked as I always do. In the morning, I did laps with the medium tire and, in the afternoon, with the soft, in order to see if it could be an option. I was surprised by the tires, both in the first practice session and in their performance in the flying lap. Even with less than optimal conditions, I did a 1'44"."

He could end up doing better tomorrow. "I have to improve the last part of the corner. I still lose some time when closing it. But we already progressed today, and we know in what direction we have to go. In my opinion, we'll still trim off six tenths, and we'll get to 1'44"2" tomorrow," he predicted.

And then there's the Sprint. Pecco hasn't won one in a long time. "Since the Austrian GP last year. I also had good chances in Jerez, Le Mans, and Barcelona. But I'm starting to think that this might be it. First of all I, hope to finish it," he concluded with a smile.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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