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SBK, Tourist Trophy: Schofield and Dawkins airlifted to hospital after crash

The driver and passenger were transported to Noble's Hospital after the accident that led to the red flag being shown in Wednesday evening's sidecar Qualifying, but are not life-threatening

SBK: Tourist Trophy: Schofield and Dawkins airlifted to hospital after crash

Moments of apprehension were experienced Wednesday evening on the Isle of Man, as a result of the accident that occurred shortly before 9 p.m. local time to Chris Schofield and Tom Dawkins during the sidecar Qualifying session.

As stated in a statement released by Tourist Trophy organizers, the accident occurred at Bishopscourt during Wednesday evening's sidecar Qualifying session and resulted in the display of the red flag to render aid to crew number 31. Driver Chris Schofield and passenger Tom Dawkins were both reported as conscious and airlifted to nearby Noble's Hospital for treatment.

It was an accident that fortunately did not result in particularly serious consequences for the crew involved, as "newcomer" Schofield assured through a post on his social profiles.

"I’m sure you have all heard by now that we had an issue incident in tonight’s qualifying. It happened just after Bishopscourt. Sorry your practice got cut short guys, we will be ok tho" Chris reassured, updating on the situation soon after being admitted to the hospital. "Tom has suffered with cuts and bruises, soft tissue damage and is walking wounded. And he has been discharged. I have two punctured lungs (only small), a laceration of my liver, concussion. Soft tissue damage and cuts and bruises and they are keeping me in for observation, hopefully they will let me out tomorrow but we will see. I have my thoughts on what happened but we will know more when the lads have had a good look at what used to be a bike.Thanks for everyone’s kind words and support, it means a lot. I’ll see you all real soon back in the paddock."

Schofield then wanted to extend his thanks to all colororo who helped assist him and his passenger.

"I want to give a massive shout out and thank you to all the Marshalls and medics who helped scrape me and Tom off the side of the road and kept us calm and helped especially when I was finding hard to breath" he added , "Your help and reassurance was great and it really helped me. Thanks to all the staff at Noble's for the care they gave me and continue to give me."

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