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SBK, Pirro: "Marquez and Martin will cause some bother at Mugello, but Bagnaia is Ducati's benchmark"

Michele at the end of the test: "Mugello is the best track Pecco can find after Barcelona. Today I tried some new things ahead of Monday's test. Going from MotoGP to the Panigale was traumatic."

SBK: Pirro:

Also out on track today at Misano was Michele Pirro. In the morning, the Ducati rider tested the MotoGP bike, later he focused on the Panigale V4, i.e., the bike with which he will contest his wildcard in just over two weeks' time.

Arriving at the end of the day, the Italian wanted to take stock of what he had done.

"Today I rode the MotoGP bike because we had some new things to try ahead of Monday's testing. We had to make some evaluations afterwards and then we focused on working with the Panigale. I must say that the transition from the GP24 to the V4 was traumatic because it is not easy to jump from one bike to another. By the way, last weekend I was in the CIV with Dunlop then today I switched from Michelin to Pirelli. It's not easy to adapt over such a short period of time."

What impressions did you have with the Panigale?
"I tried to focus more on the sensations without going in search of a flying lap time. In the end I'm close to the top 10 and I think it's not a bad job we did. Obviously we still have the day on Friday to improve and shave off some more tenths."

This weekend there is the Mugello GP. What should we expect?
"I think there is no better track for Pecco after winning in Barcelona. Obviously Martin and Marquez will cause him some bother, but in my opinion Bagnaia remains the benchmark in all respects with Ducati. I hope for a positive weekend from Enea, as he needs it."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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