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MotoGP, Marquez: "I have 3 options for the future, the decision before Sachsenring"

"Normal to talk about the market, it's part of the show. I would not like to change brands, but I do not exclude the possibility. I say no to Pramac because I will not switch from one satellite team to another."

MotoGP: Marquez:

Even at Mugello, Marc Marquez is on everyone's lips and not because of the results he will be able to do in this Grand Prix. The chatter is about his future and about the possibility that Ducati prefers him to Martin in the factory team. The Spaniard has closed the door on Pramac and seemed more tense than usual in the press conference, careful to measure his every word. "I'm not tense about anything, it's speculation and you have to give them as little weight as possible," he said, " I'm calm, I'm enjoying myself, I'm coming from a very pleasant weekend and I have options for the future. How many? I have three."

And if we talk about Ducati?
"Going to the factory team or staying in Gresini are the only two options."

You exclude Pramac, why?
"I am a determined man with clear ideas, I don't move from one satellite team to another. After Barcelona my situation has changed, last year I was in a critical situation, I was thinking about getting back to having fun and being competitive, now I am and if you want to fight for the title you can do it with a bike from the previous year, but you have to try to be in an official team because it makes everything easier and that's my goal."

Would staying in the Gresini team with an official bike satisfy you?
"The important thing is to be comfortable, my people know that. I have clear ideas, the only thing I can do is to be fast on the track to have more options to choose from."

Would you also accept at this point to change brands and start the adaptation process again?
"It's a possibility that I don't like, but I don't discard it. I have three scenarios, with different priorities, but I am fortunate that I would feel comfortable in each of them. When a pilot is happy, he can be a fast pilot."

There are two struggles: the on-track one and the off-track one....
"The one on the track is more interesting because it is in my hands. For me this is also part of the show, we have to talk about it so people have something to read. Our job, though, is not to focus too much on those aspects."

Do you have a dead line to decide?
"Yes, but I'm not telling you. I don't like to have it, but I have to because there are my personal sponsors who have to know, they have budgets to close. I hope before Sachsenring."

Let's talk about Mugello?
"The weather looks a little uncertain, but we know this track well. Logically, with more laps in the dry I could better prepare for Sunday's race. I know that in this period of the championship, with Barcelona, Mugello and Assen, I must not lose patience and try to take as many points as possible."

And improve qualifying?
"Last GP was great for pace, I was strong and consistent, and that made the difference in allowing me to make a comeback. But I need to better understand what to do to improve the time attack, with the Honda I could be fast on the dry lap, but with the Ducati I feel better when I ride alone. I have to find my way, the team has ideas, this is also part of the learning process."

Still not finished?
"I have a riding style made for Honda, I make time in corner entry and that's my strong point even in Ducati, but it becomes weak in time attack. If I follow someone I go even worse, but that's not the problem, there are two or three things to fix. Bagnaia and Martin are able to take better advantage of the new tires coming out of corners."

Stoner won race number 27 for Ducati in MotoGP, Bagnaia 63, Martin 89, next is 93...
"I've been told that 20 times already (laughs). I will try, as always, but I don't want to obsess. I 'm making my own path and I'll keep doing it, if it comes good."

Are you thinking about the championship?
"I have nothing to lose, but I know that my bike will not change between now and the end of the year and that usually the factory bikes are stronger in the second half of the championship. We will see if I can continue like this, but I am already happy to be almost at the same level as two riders who fought for the title last season and who have been riding this bike for 6 years."

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