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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "Aleix Espargaro sees me in Aprilia in his place? I'm pleased."

"It's good to be pitched to an official team, but today my main goal is to be competitive again because I'm still struggling. Expectations for the weekend? I hope the fans will help me."

MotoGP: Bezzecchi:

Reduced by a ninth and an eleventh place at Catalunya Marco Bezzecchi wants to look at the Mugello appointment with positivity. Protagonist of a more turbulent start to the season than expected, with only a few glimmers of light, the Rimini native hopes that the Tuscan air can bring a smile to his face, in spite of the criticalities that are not lacking on his 2023 Ducati.

"Wonderful place, even just to visit. It was great to get here yesterday along with Vietti and Bagnaia and see the hills, the climbs and descents, the tricolors around. I am really happy, I want to shoot here. As a circuit I like it and last year I had also done quite well. It will be complicated after Le Mans, where I had been competitive but didn't pick up anything, and after Barcelona, where I struggled.hope to do better and that the fans and my friends will spur me on," his words.

Getting more technical, when asked if the 2024 tires is problematic, the Romagnolo replied, "I said it from the beginning. Since they changed the tire construction, I started to suffer. Although they are incredibly high performance, they have disadvantages. To me personally they have created difficulties."

The weather for the nerve-wracking moments of the weekend would seem to give rain. "For me, riding in the wet is a lot of fun, but it's always better to ride in the dry, first of all because we are not in a position to lose a weekend of work. Given the critical issues we have there is a need to roll up our sleeves, plus in the wet the risks increase."

The lack of grip affected the outcome of the Montmelo GP in no small part. But what is the best track in the championship in this respect?

"I think probably Misano. The asphalt is really not very aggressive and you don't suffer from degradation at all. Also on this track you go very well, but maybe the wear is higher. So I think it will be fun. Will I have a special helmet? Yes as usual here."

A thought also about the rider market that has been raging for a few weeks already. "It's part of the game and it's right to talk about it. It pleases me personally to be nominated for certain things, but my main concern is to be as fast as possible. Does Espargaro see me as his replacement in Aprilia? As said, it's good, since the goal of any rider is to join an official team. Personally, I'm not riding to the best of my ability, so while I'm trying to stay focused on the present, I'm also looking around, sifting through all the alternatives."

What changes when you have such close racing?

"For me, not much being slow. Joking aside, it's actually different when you don't have a lot of time to prepare, then, in this case, since it's the home event the days off have flown by. Of course it's harder, but it's also nice this way," he concluded.


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