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MotoGP, Bastianini: "The market? I have three weeks to figure out what is the best choice"

"I have a preference between KTM and Aprilia, but it's too early to talk about that now. I've been trying to get on the podium at Mugello since 2014 and I've never been able to do it. I hope this will be the good year."

MotoGP: Bastianini:

Enea Bastianini arrives in front of the Mugello home crowd with a great desire to redeem himself after the difficult Sunday experienced in Barcelona. A race that the rider from Rimini aims to put behind him as soon as possible, but not before addressing in Safety Commission what happened with the Stewards during the Grand Prix of Catalunya.

"It is important to talk about this situation with the other riders as well. Tomorrow there will be the Safety Commission and it will be important to talk about what happened at Montmeló. For my part, the situation was clear and, after watching several videos, I think it was also clearer for the marshals than it was before. For me something has to change, because it is not fair to me and to all the other riders, since this time it happened to me, but we have already seen that it is not the first time it has happened. We'll see what will happen tomorrow," Enea said at the press conference, explaining a little more in depth what he would like to see changed for the future: "I think it would be correct to evaluate better, also together with the teams, and to have the opportunity to talk during the race and not only afterwards, because otherwise there is nothing you can change: you have the penalty and that's it. I tried to get the 32-second penalty back, but it was impossible because of the rules."

There would be no better way to turn over a new leaf than to stand on the podium at Mugello.

"I hope so. I've come from a bad moment like Montmeló, but this is one of my favorite tracks for a long time," commented the Beast. "I've been trying to get on the podium since 2014, but I've never managed it. I hope this is the good year. We have to have fun and I also have good memories on this circuit, so we'll see. I'm ready, even to have a little more luck than in the past."

While trying to stay focused on doing well on the track, Enea can't help but also think about the crazy market this season.

"It is chaotic, because it has been like that since the first race and it is strange. It's not a problem, but sometimes you have to think about it and when I have to talk about the future I think, 'Wow, again,' " the Ducatista noted. " It's normal, because Marc and Jorge and I are in the top four riders in the championship standings. Jorge at the moment has something more than the others, we have seen that many times. Marquez is doing well in the race and is very strong in the early laps and I am consistent but not really explosive at the moment. I know it can be a complex choice for Ducati, but after this weekend we will have the verdict and we will be happy."

Although his goal is to be reappointed at Ducati, Bastianini has also attracted interest from KTM and Aprilia. Both good options for the direct interested party, who, however, does not want to give an opinion on his favorite option.

"It's normal that I have a preference but it's still early to talk about it because I want to understand the situation better after Mugello and following Ducati's decision. I have three weeks to figure out what is the best choice for me, but there are other things I have to think about at the moment, like trying to figure out why I didn't have good speed in Barcelona," commented the 26-year-old, who was challenged by the low level of grip offered by the asphalt at the Catalan track.

"I'm a tire management specialist and in Barcelona I saw my tire reference at the end of the race and it was good, but in low grip conditions like at Montmeló I don't have front tire support and for me it's complicated, because I ride using the front a lot and when I had a chance to try to do something more my front was nervous and moved a lot," he explained , "On this track I shouldn't have that kind of problem.

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