Marc Marquez like Lewis Hamilton: when winning sells.

Ferrari for 2025 has paired 26-year-old Leclerc with the 39-year-old Briton. A great champion, but also a media phenomenon. Ducati's decision is a difficult compromise between sport and marketing

: Marc Marquez like Lewis Hamilton: when winning sells.

A southwesterly wind is currently blowing at the Mugello circuit, which is known to be a harbinger of instability on the western sectors.

Weather affects not only the track conditions - not too bad after all - but also, as is well known, the spirits. And here, in fact, Marc Marquez, who had said at Le Mans that he wanted only a factory bike, of any colour, for 2025 to fight on equal terms with his rivals, has changed his mind.

Now the 'factory' bike is no longer enough, he wants to have a factory behind him.

"Because," he said, " I made the decision to leave Honda because I wanted to verify myself. And now I'm here fighting with the two riders who competed in the world championship last year. They are still a little bit faster, especially on the time attack. Can you win the world championship with the GP23? Sure, but it's enough for me this year to be where I am, but to be able to fight for the title in 2025 I would like to have an easier life."

Then to make his words more convincing he made it clear: "Pramac doesn't interest me. I'm not interested in going from one satellite team to another."

He means, Marc, that if he has to stay in a satellite team, but with the official bike at 100%, he might as well stay where he is: in the Gresini team. And that matches up with what Nadia Gresini, who is fighting to have a factory Ducati for 2025, also said.

One more problem, this one, for Ducati, which at this point, if it wants to keep the eight-time world champion, must disassemble its historic satellite team, take away one of the (future) GP25s. But it is not certain that Paolo Campinoti, whom Yamaha and Lin Jarvis have been courting for months, will accept.

Not least because it would mean staying with Aldeguer on a GP24 and...Morbidelli? Bezzecchi? Di Giannantonio? You name it. No: Paolo wants Marquez and he did not take this second rejection (he had courted him last year too). So what?

Nothing. There are those who say Ducati has already made up its mind, but the reality is that risking losing Martin, who might at the end of the year take the number 1 to another team, or losing Marquez, who might prove to be a tough nut on another bike, is equally unacceptable.

So what? The southwesterly wind that is blowing at Mugello and last night brought a heavy downpour of rain blows insistently that at the top levels of Dorna Carmelo Ezpeleta will want Marquez at KTM.

The reasoning goes: so each manufacturer would have a titled, winning rider: Yamaha Quartararo, Ducati Bagnaia (and perhaps Martin), KTM Marquez (and Acosta), leaving Aprilia to sign, perhaps, Bastianini. That would leave Honda somewhat out of the picture, but in any case they will probably also need next season to return to a good level.

The MotoGP Boss's reasoning belies what was recently stated by the Mattighofen-based manufacturer, which is thinking about Marc, and a lot. Not least because Marc is Red Bull's protégé and, not coincidentally, Jaime Martinez, current manager of the Cervera phenomenon, was the former marketing director of Red Bull. Moreover, Marquez made it clear today in a press conference: by Sachsenring there is a deadline "because the sponsors make budgets in this month and they have to make a decision."

A phrase that explains that in this matter what also counts, in addition to speed on the track, is marketing and the checks it makes them sign. As always, since time immemorial, to find the reasons behind all the problems, you have to 'follow the money'. And everything that it entails. After all, why did Ferrari choose to pair Charles Leclerc, 26, with Lewis Hamilton, a strong but 39-year-old driver?


Translated by Julian Thomas

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