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Possible return to MotoGP, revival in SBK: a life choice for Iannone

ANALYSIS - At the age of 34, Andrea is at a crossroads: on the one hand, there is the idea of returning to where he started, and on the other, consecrating himself in the world of production-based racing. What will Iannone do and what are the scenarios in front of him?

SBK: Possible return to MotoGP, revival in SBK: a life choice for Iannone

Not to beat too much around the bush, let's get straight to the point. Andrea Iannone is one of the riders at the center of the Superbike market in view of 2025. Back on track this year after four years of disqualification, The Maniac has impressed on the Go Eleven Ducati so much that his performances have certainly not escaped notice in the paddock or even in the two paddocks, namely Superbike and MotoGP.

Despite the long stop, Andrea has indeed retained that crystal-clear talent that we have all come to know so well, and as of today his name is certainly the one that captures most of the spotlight on the negotiation scene. At the age of 34, The Maniac is thus approaching a crossroads. On the one hand, in fact, there is the possibility of continuing his adventure in World Superbike, and on the other hand, that of leaping into or rather returning to MotoGP, which from 2005 to 2019 saw him as a protagonist.

However, let us try to understand what are the possible scenarios between Superbike and MotoGP.

Andrea Iannone, why continue in Superbike?

On the production-based racing front, looking ahead to next year, Andrea Iannone has an option on the table with the Go Eleven team. This is the first card he has in his deck, considering that if he wanted to make it count, the problem of the having to look for another deal is already resolved without having to be prolonged.

Regarding his future, however, Andrea has been clear, because first and foremost he will want to decide whether or not to stay in the Superbike paddock, so this represents his priority.

Remaining on the subject of the production-based championship , the bike that arouses the most interest at 29 is certainly Aruba's Ducati V4, currently entrusted to Alvaro Bautista, whose contract expires at the end of the year. Should the Spaniard leave, there would in fact be a green light for Andrea to join Bulega in Stefano Cecconi's team next season.

Ducati aside, the most tantalizing alternative is BMW, which by the end of the season will have to decide what to do with Michael van der Mark, whose contract is also expiring with the Munich-based manufacturer. So these are the most concrete paths to follow in Superbike even though we are of the opinion that any factory team has already sounded things out with Iannone. The only exception is Yamaha, which as we know already has a contract with Rea and Locatelli for next year.

Andrea Iannone, why continue in MotoGP?

Turning our gaze instead to MotoGP, on the Ducati front all the seats are practically already filled for next season. Indeed, the Borgo Panigale-based manufacturer finds itself with redundant riders for 2025. The real problem for La Rossa is certainly who to partner with Bagnaia next year, and this choice risks leading to a real domino effect with the risk of even losing the Pramac team.

On the subject Paolo Campinoti has not commented very much and has been observing a sort of religious press silence lately. In our opinion, however, his request to Ducati is very clear: give me two factory bikes with Marquez and Aldeguer for 2025 or it's goodbye should his request not be met.

Should Campinoti end relations with Ducati and look elsewhere, there is Yamaha that has been courting him for some time to have Pramac as a satellite team. Here we are: in the satellite team there could be an M1 waiting for The Maniac for his return to MotoGP.

The place in Yamaha might by the way not be the one and only possibility, because there will also be to understand what Aprilia will want to do with its riders: Aleix Espargarò has retired and Vinales is coming to the end of his contract. As if that were not enough, in the Trackhouse team Oliveira is not convincing at all while Raul Fernandez only showed signs of vitality in the Barcelona round.

So these seem to be the two most plausible scenarios to see Andrea Iannone in MotoGP again.

So let us go to the conclusions: on the one hand, Andrea has the chance to return to that paddock from where he started, with the knowledge that he will, however, be called upon to play catch-up, thus starting from a very different position than he is now. On the other hand, there is Superbike, which is a context where he only needed a few races to become a protagonist again in search of making his name again with a road mapped out.

Certainly The Maniac is in no hurry to choose, so much so that he has already made it known that a decision will come only after the Misano round. Therefore it will be necessary to wait until the end of June if not the beginning of July before flying to Donington.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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