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MotoGP, Zarco: "My Honda was wrong from the foundation. We're only going in circles."

"Now isn't the time to think about details. We have no solution to our problems. The Montmelo GP? Because of a straight, I ended up chasing the other Hondas, destroying the rear tire."

MotoGP: Zarco:

When he agreed to leave the victorious Ducati for tail end of the pack Honda at the end of last season, Johann Zarco knew what he was getting himself into but, obviously, experiencing such a traumatic situation in person isn't the same as imagining it. Used to fighting in the top positions, the French rider suddenly found himself navigating in the lower parts of the grid, with the recent Barcelona GP being no exception, since he had to withdraw in the Sprint Race, collecting a paltry 16th place in the GP. Even more embarrassing was the overall riders standings, where he's in 19th place with only 9 points, compared to Jorge Martin's 155.

Taking stock of his championship and the current potential of the RC213V prepared by the LCR team, the rider from Cannes was, to say the least, drastic in his assessment. "It's really tough. Talking about details to improve is totally useless if the foundation  is totally wrong. In the end, we're just going around in circles. I could stand here and complain about the lack of grip, but the reality is that we have no solution for gettin out of this state," he said, as reported by Paddock-GP.

Specifically speaking about the recent race at Montmelo, the two-time Moto2 Champion defiantly stated, "I would've liked to have stuck to the group with Fabio Quartararo, but due to a straight  at turn one, that opportunity also vanished, and I had to focus on chasing my other brandmates. Unfortunately, even if I had mounted the medium tire on the rear, the wear became noticeable and, at that point, I just tried to get to the finish line."

In spite of his low morale, he has to look towards the future in a positive manner. "I believe that the brand's experience and potential will pay off. I'm convinced that together we can progress. Mugello is likely to smile on us more, considering that we've been grinding out kilometers there in private tests," he concluded.




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Translated by Leila Myftija

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